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Financial and Corporate Services (PSP004)

As communities continue to grow and evolve, local governments face a myriad of complex decisions. Their ability to fund a wide range of asset and infrastructure led projects is central to these decisions, as informed constituents place ever-increasing demands on these organisations and their limited budgets. Adding further pressure to limited resources are factors including, rapidly evolving technologies, changing demographics, and adjustments in the way constituents work, travel and enjoy leisure activities. These trends mean local governments require flexibility to experiment and adapt their model of asset and infrastructure use and delivery of services.

Maia Financial can help you to bring forward critical works that allow you to deliver for your community via our gap funding capabilities. We can also support your ability to try new approaches and adapt quickly to changing needs and technologies via our flexible approach to funding.



Our clients can select the assets and infrastructure that best suit your requirements because we are vendor agnostic. That means you can implement the latest energy efficient technology, supply equipment that supports an ageing public or invest in infrastructure that brings a diverse community closer together. We work with you to address the needs of your organisation and community in the most efficient way possible.


You can manage the myriad of challenges facing local governments via our active asset management approach. We work with you to ensure the equipment and infrastructure meets your needs on an ongoing basis and will re-structure an agreement mid-term if you need to upgrade or change your assets. We can also finance in-life servicing costs and support end-of-life requirements, such as decommissioning.


You get to work with an experienced team that has supported local governments for more than 20 years, delivering solutions for assets and infrastructure, including:

  • IT Equipment and Telephony systems
  • Library automation and community wi-fi systems
  • Parking meters and automated carparking systems
  • Gym and leisure equipment fitouts
  • Surveying equipment
  • Lighting and Solar systems
  • Software solutions (document management and enterprise systems)
  • Waste management projects


is qualified within the following sub-categories:

  • Operating & Finance Leasing (PSP004-004)
  • Vehicle & Fleet Leasing (PSP004-007)