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Professional Consultancy Services (PSP003)

Founded in 2002, Mackay Urbandesign is Malcolm Mackay and Munira Mackay - a team that is qualified in both urban design and architecture.
We offer services in the key areas of masterplanning, town centre design, design review, design guidelines, placemaking and urban character study, community engagement and design workshop facilitation, 3-D graphics, research and education
The built environment is complex to develop and manage. As a result, urban design is the area to find holistic solutions to intricate issues.
The philosophy of Mackay Urbandesign is therefore focused on the principles of ‘smart growth’ and environmentally sensitive design.
Our skills are available on an individual basis, or as a team on projects requiring greater urban design resources.


is qualified within the following sub-categories:

  • Town Planning & Related Services (PSP003-004)