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Temporary Labour and Recruitment (PSP011)

Since 1995 LO-GO Appointments has specialised in providing temporary and contract staff to all Councils across Western Australia.  We only supply recruitment services to Local Government hence we are committed to working with Councils to understand their business and partner with them to increase their productivity by providing cost-effective and tailored recruitment services.  Our staff are highly trained people with backgrounds in Local Government and Human Resources.  All our staff are passionate towards Local Government and have an in-depth understanding of the LG Industry and recruitment including the diversity of positions, relevant Awards and Legislation.  LO-GO Appointments guarantees to every Council that they will be treated with the professionalism and respect that they deserve.


is qualified within the following sub-categories:

  • Community & Healthcare Services (PSP011-001)
  • Corporate & Governance Services (PSP011-002)
  • Engineering & Infrastructure Services (PSP011-003)
  • Fleet, Waste & Works Operations (PSP011-004)
  • ICT Services (PSP011-007)
  • Parks & Garden Operations (PSP011-005)
  • Planning & Regulatory Services (PSP011-006)