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Professional Consultancy Services (PSP003)

LK Advisory is a specialist consulting firm founded in 2018, possessing unmatched local government knowledge and experience in all areas of Urban and Regional Planning, Strategy, Policy, Governance and Organisational Performance.

LK Advisory Director, Len Kosova is a former local government Planning Director, Chief Executive Officer and Commissioner with a local government career spanning more than 25 years from across Western Australia.  Len leads our team of Consultants who each posess over 10 years' extensive experience in local government.  

Our expertise spans the full suite of local government planning functions, land administration and development issues, including conducting independent research, planning assessments, peer reviews, process improvements, problem-solving, strategy and policy alignment, training, inductions and stakeholder engagement.  We are also Western Australia's leading consulting firm for Development Contribution Plans (DCPs), having evaluated every DCP in the Perth and Peel region and delivered exclusive in-depth research in this field.


is qualified within the following sub-categories:

  • Town Planning & Related Services (PSP003-004)