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Parks & Gardens (PSP010)

Landscape Elements is a construction and landscaping maintenance company based in Western Australia with a dedication to quality, honesty and community enhancement.

Our Maintenance Department have a proven track record of maintaining our Client’s assets to the highest standards. We are experienced in all aspects of landscape maintenance from small private projects to large commercial property, shopping precincts (complexes) residential estates, strata properties, child care services, large public open spaces and sports ovals.

We are experienced at managing multiple maintenances sites and we understand the need to do what we say we are going to do and deliver it above expectation.


is qualified within the following sub-categories:

  • Landscape, Infrastructure, Works & Maintenance (PSP010-003)
  • Mowing Services (PSP010-004)
  • Provision of General Parks & Gardens Services (PSP010-006)
  • Pumps and Irrigation (PSP010-002)
  • Weed Management & Fertiliser Application Services (PSP010-011)