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Waste and Energy (PSP007)

Integrated Energy enable safer, more valuable operations and projects, which are better for the people working on them and the environment around us.

We do this by providing a better way of working considering people, process, organisation, technology and the physical working environment.

We are an independent group of experienced professionals who provide consulting services in hydrogen and renewable energies, integrated operations, and digital health.  In Australia our bases are in Perth, Melbourne, and Brisbane enabling a national service  We currently are engaged in hydrogen related projects with a value exceeding $30 billion and connect clients, customers and capital to enable high impact sustainable economic projects worldwide.

We have worked in more than 20 countries over the last thirteen years, including many leading global companies in renewables, resources and energy, and provide an innovative quality service to local, state and federal  government, industry and academia.


is qualified within the following sub-categories:

  • Sustainable Energy Infrastructure (PSP007-005)