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Financial and Corporate Services (PSP004)

HP Financial Services has been in operation for over 40 years' and we have been operating in Australia since 1997.

We started our office here in Western Australia in 2000 and we are now one of the largest IT Financiers operating in this state.  

We have full financing capability for just about any piece Information technology and communications assets, brand agnostic and we are expanding our capability to manage more and more ITC assets every day and the strength of any ITC financier is their ability to manage these assets at end of life.

We have a dedicated and secure returns site located in Jandakot and we operated this vital since 2007.

94% of what gets returned at end of lease is reused which feeds nicely into the “circular economy”, where these assets get a second life.

We are owned by an iconic and internationally recognised company, Hewlett Packard Enterprise and so who would have a better understanding of ITC asset lifecycles than a company who has manufactured and sells this technology.


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  • Operating & Finance Leasing (PSP004-004)