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Roads Infrastructure and Depot Services (PSP009)

Guerinoni & Son are a plant hire and concrete service company with a vast array of vehicles servicing the East Kimberley and surrounding remote areas. Our tendered fleet include Motor Graders, Loaders, Rollers, Semi side tippers, Water Tanker, Floats, Tele Handler, and Water Cart. Guerinoni & Son are also equipped with agitator trucks, onsite batchers, and mobile batching plants in combination with a number of local mining tenements providing access to a range of aggregates and sands.


is qualified within the following sub-categories:

  • Aggregate, Cement & Concrete Products (PSP009-004)
  • Disposal of Road Wastage & Haulage Services (PSP009-008)
  • Drainage Works & Services (PSP009-010)
  • Footpath Construction, Kerbing & Associated Streetscape Works (PSP009-012)
  • Roadbase Course and Subbase (PSP009-018)
  • Road Building Minor & Major Works (PSP009-015)
  • Road Profiling & Stabilisation Works (PSP009-016)
  • Traffic Management Services (PSP009-019)
  • Wet & Dry Plant Hire (PSP009-022)