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Professional Consultancy Services (PSP003)

Griffin Valuation Advisory are highly experienced 100% Western Australian owned tangible asset valuation & advisory firm, delivering solutions for plant & equipment (machinery), specialist property and infrastructure assets. We work with our clients to provide professional, independent, accurate and accountable advice.

Griffin Valuation Advisory delivers tangible asset valuation & advisory services throughout Australia and internationally, across a diverse range of tangible asset classes including plant & equipment, specialist property and infrastructure. Griffin Valuation Advisory have extensive experience with Local Government valuations, successfully completing comprehensive range of asset portfolio valuations for more than 130 local authorities in the metropolitan and country regions of Western Australia. Their significant experience, qualifications, broad valuation & advisory capabilities and a client focused approach, makes Griffin Valuation Advisory the ideal valuation partner.


is qualified within the following sub-categories:

  • Valuation Services (PSP003-001)