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Construction and Building Environments (PSP012)

Greenville Developments is a passionate global team of design/build/manage professionals, headquartered in Australia, making a difference to the environment by building eco-friendly and aesthetically remarkable buildings.  We upcycle shipping containers into mobile futurelabs, retail shops, home units and offices; using carbon neutral materials to ensure green smart building to reduce carbon footprint.

Greenville Developments believe in the power of sustainable simplicity, and the necessity of green spaces, from liveable cities to outer growth zones or undeveloped areas in need of revitalisation. Using upcycled shipping containers and complementary objects to build remarkable spaces that create and raise standards, whilst reducing issues and eliminating waste, building offsite, with units deliverable by truck.

Award winning for sustainability and innovation, awards include twice awarded (2020/2021) Global Stevie Award Winner for most innovative and Sustainable company worldwide, and showcased as Most Sustainable & Innovative by Green Building Council.


is qualified within the following sub-categories:

  • Modular and Prefabricated Dwellings (PSP012-001)