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Roads Infrastructure and Depot Services (PSP009)

Global Synthetics is a leading independent distributor and manufacturer of geosynthetics to the engineering, construction, landscape and building industries throughout Australia and the Pacific region. Global Synthetics is wholly Australian owned and is well represented by our offices in Perth, Adelaide, Sydney, Brisbane & Melbourne.

Global Synthetics geosynthetic products incorporate the latest technology and state of the art materials. Global Synthetics is committed to delivering the highest levels of quality and service.

Global Synthetics supplies products such as Geosynthetic Clay Liners – Bentofix®, biaxial geogrids for sub-base reinforcement, uniaxial geogrid for slope reinforcement, pipe drainage systems, sheet drainage systems, tank detention systems, woven geotextiles, nonwoven geotextiles, geonets, silt bags, erosion control blankets, silt fence, wick drains, dewatering tubes and more.

Global Synthetics engineers are very experienced in the design and application of geosynthetic products with most staff members industry involvement exceeding 15 years.


is qualified within the following sub-categories:

  • Drainage Products (Supply of) (PSP009-009)
  • Erosion Control & Foreshore Protection (PSP009-011)
  • Road Building Ancillary Supplies (PSP009-014)