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Financial and Corporate Services (PSP004)

Glen McLeod Legal is a Western Australian based law firm specialising in environment, planning, development, land compensation and government law. We provide advice, litigation and drafting services.

Environmental Law

We advise and assist our clients in obtaining all manner of environmental approvals. We have helped clients obtain clearing permits, water licences, works approvals and licences for prescribed premises. We can help clients to navigate through the Environmental Impact Assessment process for projects that may have a significant effect on the environment.

Planning and Development Law

We can assist developers and landowners with a variety of development, building, and subdivision approvals. We can also represent you in review proceedings in the State Administrative Tribunal or Supreme Court in relation to planning decisions by the Western Australian Planning Commission, local governments, and Development Assessment Panels. Similarly, we can act for you if you are seeking to become involved in planning decisions that affect your property rights. We have provided advice and representation to enable third parties to intervene or make submissions where a legitimate interest has been established

Specialist Local Government Law

Whether you are an individual, business or industry group, we can help you to prepare submissions to government on matters that affect your interests. We have prepared submissions to government for an industry organisation to protect critical industrial assets from encroaching sensitive development. If you need access to information we have experience in preparing freedom of information applications to government agencies. Particularly in complex matters such as major State projects that are politically driven, we can assist you in rebutting the complicated arguments raised by government agencies to refuse disclosure of information. We can also help you with the form and content of correspondence with local and State government agencies to effectively communicate your concerns and open a dialogue with key decision makers.

Litigation and Prosecution

We represent clients in litigious matters, including prosecutions. We have acted in the Supreme Court, state Administrative Tribunal, Magistrate Court and alternative dispute resolutions forums. We are experienced in briefing experts witnesses and counsel.


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