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Roads Infrastructure and Depot Services (PSP009)

Based in Northam, Western Australia, GDR Civil Contracting are a local family owned and operated civil contracting provider. We have been involved in the construction of many large and some high profile civil infrastructure projects, also some very small projects.

We build roads, carparks, driveways, house pads and anything in between.

We are a supplier of all construction materials such as gravel, road base, fill sand etc and can deliver in the truck configuration required by our customers.

We are suppliers of asphalt, kerbing and bitumen sealing.

We hire major and minor construction plant to our customers at competitive rates.


is qualified within the following sub-categories:

  • Asphalt Supply & Services (PSP009-005)
  • Bitumen & Sprayed Bituminous Surfacing (PSP009-006)
  • Disposal of Road Wastage & Haulage Services (PSP009-008)
  • Drainage Works & Services (PSP009-010)
  • Erosion Control & Foreshore Protection (PSP009-011)
  • Footpath Construction, Kerbing & Associated Streetscape Works (PSP009-012)
  • Roadbase Course and Subbase (PSP009-018)
  • Road Building Ancillary Supplies (PSP009-014)
  • Road Building Minor & Major Works (PSP009-015)
  • Wet & Dry Plant Hire (PSP009-022)