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Temporary Labour and Recruitment (PSP011)

At Flexi Staff Pty Ltd personalised quality service is paramount. We specialise in comprehensive recruitment and labour-hire solutions, connecting our broad client base with high-calibre personnel to suit their every staffing need.

As a company, our foundation is set in cultivating specialised relationships.

We partner clients with the right employees when they need them most. We strategise flexible,no-hassle, and sustainable hire solutions for a variety of industry sectors.

With over thirty years working in the labour hire industry Flexi Staff Pty Ltd covers a wide range of sectors including Aged Care, Industrial, Hospitality, and Office/Professional.


is qualified within the following sub-categories:

  • Community & Healthcare Services (PSP011-001)
  • Corporate & Governance Services (PSP011-002)
  • Engineering & Infrastructure Services (PSP011-003)
  • Fleet, Waste & Works Operations (PSP011-004)
  • ICT Services (PSP011-007)
  • Parks & Garden Operations (PSP011-005)
  • Planning & Regulatory Services (PSP011-006)