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Temporary Labour and Recruitment (PSP011)

FINDMEA are Australian owned and operated.

Our fully integrated recruitment business model recognises and operationalises the key objectives to support through; professional people selection, encouraging workforce participation and building a skilled workforce.

FINDMEA business strategy focuses on Sourcing and Retaining Staff to achieve people productivity outcomes through the establishment of partnerships, collaboration and consultation at all levels. In doing so, FINDMEA fulfils the integral role of becoming the conduit to connectivity between industry/employers and a skilled workforce.
FINDMEA specialises in identifying and providing customised recruitment solutions to the Government sector and its associated entities.
FINDMEA recognises that Government sector staffing calls for a thorough, qualitative understanding of relevant procurement processes and legislation.
FINDMEA’s level of expertise and familiarity along with our extensive experience in working with the Government and public sectors, enable us to deliver effective recruitment results that accurately match candidates to often complex job requirements.


is qualified within the following sub-categories:

  • Corporate & Governance Services (PSP011-002)
  • Engineering & Infrastructure Services (PSP011-003)
  • Fleet, Waste & Works Operations (PSP011-004)
  • Parks & Garden Operations (PSP011-005)
  • Permanent Recruitment Services (PSP011-008)
  • Planning & Regulatory Services (PSP011-006)