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Engineering, Environmental & Technical Consultancy (PSP002)

As part of Enel, one of the world's 100 largest companies, we are helping Australian and New Zealand businesses leverage flexibility to transform how they power their operations. We identify opportunities for businesses to earn money from the energy market, maximise their use of renewable power and reshape how they purchase energy from retail suppliers.
We are the world’s leading player in power flexibility and renewable power generation. Our global resources, energy market experience and technological expertise positions us uniquely to help WALGA members transform energy into new opportunities. We offer:

  • Energy Strategy - An integrated plan to optimise your energy supply
  • Power Flexibility - Leverage operational flexibility to improve your bottom line
  • Renewable Power - Reduce price risk and reliance on traditional grid power
  • Energy Procurement - Improve purchasing to mitigate risk and reduce cost
  • Utility Bill Management – a solution designed to process your bills on time, eliminate inaccurate charges, improve operational efficiency, and provide easy access to the data you need to report on portfolio-wide cost drivers and sustainability performance. 
WALGA members have used Enel X’s expertise to become better overall energy managers with more intimate knowledge of WA electricity markets.


is qualified within the following sub-categories:

  • Energy Consulting, Electrical Engineering and Design (PSP002-005)