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Information & Communication Technologies (PSP001)

eftsure is a leader in fraud detection and payment protection.

Our pioneering fraudtech solution brings financial controls into the digital age and helps organisations
of all sizes mitigate the risk of incorrectly processing Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) payments, whether as a result of attempted fraud or human error. eftsure’s unique approach allows you to cross-reference EFT payments in real-time, immediately prior to processing them, against an ever-expanding, independently sourced, database. This collaborative database aggregates banking data from over 2 million Australian organisations. In a world in which scammers are actively adopting new fraud tactics, such as social engineering, phishing and Business Email Compromise attacks, eftsure helps ensure your organisation remains secure. eftsure applies an end-to-end approach to securing your payments by cleaning your existing vendor data, allowing you to add or change vendors securely, whilst efficiently verifying payments immediately before you process them.

With eftsure, you gain peace of mind knowing that your EFT payments are being directed to the intended recipient and that you’re avoiding the growing risk of human error and digital fraud.


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