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Temporary Labour and Recruitment (PSP011)

Founded in 1951, Drake International are the market leader in Talent Management Solutions, sourcing top industry talent across all major industry sectors.

Holding broad experience across all facets of the Australian local government, Drake International works closely with councils across all states and territories to support their electorates with efficient, reliable staffing services.

With an established presence in Western Australia, our local consultants are well-equipped to meet the unique challenges facing your council.

We look forward to assisting you address your HR challenges.


is qualified within the following sub-categories:

  • Community & Healthcare Services (PSP011-001)
  • Corporate & Governance Services (PSP011-002)
  • Engineering & Infrastructure Services (PSP011-003)
  • Fleet, Waste & Works Operations (PSP011-004)
  • Parks & Garden Operations (PSP011-005)
  • Planning & Regulatory Services (PSP011-006)