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Roads Infrastructure and Depot Services (PSP009)

Downer is a highly diversified civil construction and maintenance business with inhouse capabilities in civil construction, pavement construction, road maintenance including stabilisation, profiling and resurfacing works, underground & drainage works, concrete works including footpaths and kerbing, utilities including water and sewer installation plus extensive traffic light installation and maintenance capability. Rail Infrastructure, Building and Airport Infrastructure, Bridgeworks and Reticulation systems are also capabilities.


is qualified within the following sub-categories:

  • Asphalt Supply & Services (PSP009-005)
  • Bitumen & Sprayed Bituminous Surfacing (PSP009-006)
  • Drainage Works & Services (PSP009-010)
  • Erosion Control & Foreshore Protection (PSP009-011)
  • Footpath Construction, Kerbing & Associated Streetscape Works (PSP009-012)
  • Road Building Minor & Major Works (PSP009-015)
  • Road Profiling & Stabilisation Works (PSP009-016)
  • Traffic Management Services (PSP009-019)
  • Traffic Signals Supply & Services (PSP009-020)