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Information & Communication Technologies (PSP001)

District CMS is a user-centered platform designed for government organisations. We solve content management through a scalable solution addressing the needs of your users, from today and this point forward.
The new user-centered District Platform brings together a suite of enterprise website technologies to help surface information for citizens and government employees alike.

Our platform provides a rich set of community engagement tools, smart forms, data integration capability and visualisations. Multiple website services can be built and maintained on District to deliver corporate, library, tourism and other website properties.

District is a scalable platform that boosts communication across departments and inter-governmental systems to streamline organisations and provide better customer service.
Powered by Drupal, District CMS leverages the benefits and features that are intrinsic to Drupal’s open-source framework and development community. 


is qualified within the following sub-categories:

  • Web Development & Apps (PSP001-008)