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Temporary Labour and Recruitment (PSP011)

Diplomatik is a local West Australian business with national and international scope. Our mission is to provide honest and effective recruitment services to valued client relationships, in the most advanced and progressive ways.

Diplomatik proudly provide temporary, contract and permanent staff across Western Australia.
Our approach is based on a simple principle of supporting our clients through the challenges brought about from the recruitment life cycle:

•    Finding candidates
•    Recruitment
•    Talent Pooling
•    Outsourced Recruitment (RPO)
•    Market Insights
•    Technology Solutions

Across our team, Diplomatik is comprised of people who all carry years of experience in working in organisations where talent acquisition and recruitment is a constant challenge. Our team possess the right experience to provide all levels of skilled and professional personnel to WALGA. 

Diplomatik experience is backed up with international scope, modern technology solutions, and proven local success, to always adapt and pivot to achieve success in the hardest recruitment markets. 


is qualified within the following sub-categories:

  • Community & Healthcare Services (PSP011-001)
  • Corporate & Governance Services (PSP011-002)
  • Engineering & Infrastructure Services (PSP011-003)
  • Fleet, Waste & Works Operations (PSP011-004)
  • Parks & Garden Operations (PSP011-005)
  • Permanent Recruitment Services (PSP011-008)
  • Planning & Regulatory Services (PSP011-006)