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Financial and Corporate Services (PSP004)

Credit Solutions offer a smarter, faster and more innovative service than our competitors. In part this is systems driven, where we have highly innovative, flexible and fully scalable technologies built into our collection processes. But mostly it is because we see ourselves as an extension of our client’s brand and we value the importance of every communication that we have with their ratepayers.

Our incorporated entity - Kemps Credit Solutions - has been trading since 1965 and is currently the leading recovery agency for Local Government in South Australia and are positioned to share our success with the Western Australian market.

At Credit Solutions, we concentrate our efforts on sharp communications, intelligent negotiations and educating ratepayers with a view to getting results quickly and cost-effectively.

We offer every opportunity for ratepayers to pay their accounts, we will promote quality conversations with your ratepayers, giving them total transparency to the collections process.


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  • Legal & Debt Management Services (PSP004-008)