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Leisure, Cultural & Community Services (PSP005)

Civica provides a wide range of solutions used by organisations to improve and automate the provision of efficient, high quality services. Transforming the way you work in response to a rapidly changing and increasingly digitalised environment.

These include the below and many more which you can learn about at civica.com:

Spydus - A complete hosted integrated library management system including archive and digital asset management, patron discovery, analytics, mobile working, and event management.

Authority Altitude - A scalable end-to-end solution for local government.  Manage your citizens, employees, finance, assets, systems, revenue, development, regulatory requirements, development, reporting and more - efficiently and effectively.

Cx - Housing management solution - transforming customer engagement and service delivery by putting customers at the centre of your operations.

Carelink - An end-to-end client management solution that drives efficiencies and supports a client focused workforce to provide better care outcomes.


is qualified within the following sub-categories:

  • Library Management Systems (PSP005-002)

Engineering, Environmental & Technical Consultancy (PSP002)

Civica ArborSafe offers a superior range of arboricultural consulting services, in addition to one of the most advanced tree management systems available worldwide. The reporting of tree condition, hazards and risk with remedial action guidance and cost estimates via our systemised methods deliver significant savings and assist you in directing limited funds to the areas of greatest need and benefit.
With qualified staff in Western Australia we have the benefit of providing a standardised approach to tree assessment. This provides customers with an effective tree management solution of all their tree assets across all sites – allowing “like for like” comparisons of risk, budget and environmental reporting. 
Whether it is one tree or many thousands of trees, ArborSafe stands out in the arboricultural industry for our ability to offer the widest range of tree consultancy skills, services and management systems Australia-wide, which are all designed to provide facility, property and grounds managers with the best advice and outcomes to care for manage their tree assets.

Services available from Civica Arborsafe include:

  • Tree risk assessment
  • Picus and Resistograph testing
  • Aerial Inspections 
  • Canopy cover estimates
  • Carbon storage reporting
  • Tree planting assessments
  • Development reports and CAD plans


Nicholas Arnold 
Consulting Arborist – Civica Arborsafe
M: +61 437 761 754


is qualified within the following sub-categories:

  • Arboricultural, Landscape & Garden Design Services (PSP002-018)

Information & Communication Technologies (PSP001)

Civica provide a wide range of business-critical software, digital solutions and technology-based outsourcing services making Civica a leading partner for customers across national, regional and local government, health & care, education and public safety, together with commercial organisations in highly regulated sectors.


Gary Brown, Sales Support
(02) 8324 3045 / 0448 026 444


is qualified within the following sub-categories:

  • BSSS Maintenance and Support (PSP001-023)
  • Business Systems Software & Associated Services (PSP001-022)
  • Managed ICT Services (PSP001-003)