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Financial and Corporate Services (PSP004)

CarBon offers our customers a way to gradually introduce and start to slowly transition diesel/petrol vehicles to electric, in both light and heavy applications, supporting our customers to achieve their net zero emission goals.

We do this by offering a fully maintained and comprehensively insured electric vehicle using our unique off-balance sheet, weekly payment Subscription model, for a minimum term of 26 weeks, and week to week thereafter. 

This model gives our customers a low-risk entry into electric vehicles. By choosing a low profile ‘fit for purpose’ application as their initial starting point, this gradual introduction allows customers to achieve their ‘change management’ strategy with less risk.

Founded by Scott Gillespie, who has a strong background in logistics and a passion for environmental change, CarBon aims to become one of the largest participants in green and electric technologies in Australia as we move to reach our 2050 emissions targets. 

Let CarBon be your trusted partner to achieve your ESG goals. 


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  • Vehicle & Fleet Leasing (PSP004-007)