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Fleet (PSP006)

In recent decades, we have grown strongly through the acquisition of companies in the municipal business. Our offerings today include a wide range of compact and truck-mounted sweepers, winter maintenance equipment, and refuse collection vehicles.

Formerly known as MacDonald Johnston, Bucher Municipal stands for a long-term industrial commitment with a rich fund of know-how based on many years of experience and a portfolio of top quality products and services.

Bucher Municipal underlines our affiliation to Bucher Industries, a group whose origins date back to 1807. It also highlights the success of our long-term planning in the area of municipal vehicles and winter maintenance equipment.

"We are aware of our responsibility to society and the environment for ensuring roads and public spaces are kept clean and safe, and we live up to it by focusing on functional engineering, environmental integrity and driving comfort."


is qualified within the following sub-categories:

  • Street Sweepers, Cleaning Units & Vaccum Trucks (PSP006-012)