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Fleet (PSP006)

Black Rubber is a tyre supply and service organisation focused on the provision of efficient and safe tyre management services specifically for the transport, industrial, mining and resource industries as well as catering for the passenger car market. As an approved Michelin Service Centre, we are a critical part of the Michelin network and are accredited to carry out tyre related services on behalf of Michelin Australia for their National Fleet Customers.

The Black Rubber value proposition is built around delivering bottom line benefits to its customers through a strong focus on reliable and consistent delivery of product and services, ensuring use of the correct product for each application, ongoing review of Key Performance Indicators and driving continuous improvement.

The Black Rubber management team have extensive industry experience gained through senior management roles in both tyre manufacturing, tyre dealership and transport end-user organisations. This includes the delivery of significant tyre budget cost savings to many major fleet operators. The team has a deep understanding of the service delivery expectations of the operators of major transport fleets that operate 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

In addition to new tyres, wheels and servicing, Black Rubber owns and operates the Michelin accredited truck tyre retreading factories in Perth WA, Sydney NSW and Brisbane QLD which enables us to ensure the quality of the Michelin and Recamic retread product remains the benchmark in the industry. Our manufacturing and supply capability enable us to provide whole-of-life tyre and casing management from original tread through re-grooving and multi-retread lives. The impact of this strategy is to ensure the lowest total cost of tyres for Black Rubber customers.


is qualified within the following sub-categories:

  • Recycling & Disposal of Tyres (PSP006-014)
  • Supply of Tyres, Tubes & Associated Services (PSP006-013)