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Waste and Energy (PSP007)

Biobag World Australia has a long history of servicing councils throughout Australia and around the world.

Soon to be the only company manufacturing compostable bin liners, pet waste bags and various other products in Australia we are very excited to be commissioning our South Australian manufacturing facility in time for production early 2019. We feel this demonstrates our commitment to the compostable bin liner market as well as to the environment.

BioBag World Australia and its owners have been involved in food and green organic waste programs (FOGO) dating back to the early 2000s. We have successfully rolled out compostable bags and caddies to hundreds of councils around the world.

With a team dedicated to great customer service and a passion for improving the environment, BioBag is the best choice for all of your compostable product requirements.


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  • Waste Containers & Associated Services & Products (PSP007-009)