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Information & Communication Technologies (PSP001)

For over 20 years, Bay Technologies (Bay) has been committed to providing government-compatible and highly configurable commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) software products to local, state and federal agencies throughout Australia, which has established Bay as a leading provider in correspondence and communication workflow management, governance, compliance, and regulatory investigation domains. 

Our Assurity Suite provides six primary products that ensure seamless and real-time workflow automation, access to clean data, tracking of support documentation at all stages of the process, approval workflows and reporting capabilities to facilitate better informed decision-making at an elevated perspective. We are motivated to assist organisations in nurturing and growing business efficiencies while fostering an accountable and positive public reputation. 

Bay’s commitment to quality and information security, through ISO 9001/27001 and CSA Star Accreditation, coupled with our ability to provide SaaS, PaaS or end-to-end management of customers’ own infrastructure, provides continuous improvement and effective use of emerging cloud technologies to keep information safe and highly available.

By focusing our efforts on the changing needs of our customers, we continue to explore all possibilities to innovate and map the necessary steps to evolve our product to meet industry and individual customer requirements. In more recently years, Bay has become part of Constellation Software Inc, via its Vela Asia Pacific operating group, which means direct support and benefits of a publicly listed international organisation to underpin Bay’s 20-year history of building and evolving software applications with professional services to support administration and use of our products.


is qualified within the following sub-categories:

  • Business Systems Software & Associated Services (PSP001-022)
  • Consultancy - Technical (PSP001-002)
  • Managed ICT Services (PSP001-003)