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Waste and Energy (PSP007)

Azility is a  one-stop  systems  platform  that  measures,  monitors  and reports  on utility consumption and  expenditure and  greenhouse  gas across their Asset  portfolio.

Azility is a modular system - we offer a range of effective solutions that can be combined to meet the specific needs of individual organisations.

Azility’s modules are:

  • Core Module – energy and water management for sustainability and operations teams.
  • Environmental Module –  Emissions Module - reporting for scopes 1, 2 and 3 emissions and Projects Module – track and report on implemented energy and water savings projects
  • Meter Minder – metered interval data
  • Utility Control – utility bill verification and approval
Azility is committed to making multi-site management of energy and resources easy. We do that by breaking down data silos, looking at the information needs of the entire organisation, and delivering a comprehensive package of managed data collection, easy-to-use software and an expert service team. This consolidated view of data allows for seamless planning, implementation and progress reporting of sustainability and energy management programs across the whole portfolio. Effectively providing the “one source of truth” required for a whole of organisation strategic approach to understanding and measuring the environmental impact of your business


is qualified within the following sub-categories:

  • Sustainable Offset Services (PSP007-011)