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Waste and Energy (PSP007)

Avon Waste has been operating successfully throughout Western Australia in the waste management arena for over 30 years. The company brings together significant expertise in managing operations across wide geographic areas, serving Local and State Governments as well as the commercial and industrial sectors across Western Australia. They provide Municipal and C&I Collection Services as well as operating Transfer Stations and Landfill Sites.

Avon Waste is recognised as a sustainable resource management professional. This extends from managing the physical fleet and personnel that carry out operations across Western Australia to managing the waste and recyclable resources collected for recycling or ultimate disposal. With a background in servicing regional Western Australia, Avon Waste is continuing to expand the range of services offered to regional customers and to extend their service offer into larger regional and metropolitan centres.


is qualified within the following sub-categories:

  • Landfill & Transfer Management Station Management (PSP007-008)
  • Resource Recovery (PSP007-007)
  • Waste Collection Services (PSP007-006)