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Engineering, Environmental & Technical Consultancy (PSP002)

Australian Environmental Auditors (AEA) is a national, triple-certified environmental organisation, owned and operated by our own employees.

We provide independent contaminated sites auditing, landfill auditing and expert advice/support/witness throughout WA.

Our local office and team are in Perth, and with 5 DWER Accredited Contaminated Sites Auditors and significant experience, we can service all projects; large or small, complex or straightforward.

AEA is advantaged to have 9 regulatory-appointed auditors accredited across the whole country. We can tap into this knowledge-pool any time. We utilise a national team of in-house technical audit assistants with a variety of qualifications, expertise with different contaminants and scenarios, and experience across a range of industries/clients.

AEA is one of the most experienced and renowned auditing organisations. We’ve been involved in over 1000 audits/audit-related projects. Unlike environmental consultants, AEA does not provide assessment, investigation, sampling or remediation services. As auditors, this minimises potential for conflicts of interest.


is qualified within the following sub-categories:

  • Environmental and Sustainability Consulting (PSP002-015)