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Professional Consultancy Services (PSP003)

AssetVal comprises a local team of Perth based specialist valuers with the in house ability to value all asset classes including land, buildings, water and transport infrastructure and contents. Completing our first WA local government valuation project when we established our Perth office in 2013, all of our team are experienced in providing insurance and financial reporting valuations to many of the WA Local Government Authorities. Since establishing in WA, we have successfully completed nearly 100 local government valuation projects, all in full compliance with the relevant standards and guidelines and all receiving unqualified audit acceptance backed by our local knowledge of the markets.

By engaging AssetVal, the overall requirements of the project can be met by a single firm with the necessary project skills for major portfolios, valuation experience in accounting compliance and asset management for local authorities and the depth of experience required for valuing the full range of assets. AssetVal is part of Marsh Pty Ltd (formerly JLT), which services over 97% of councils nationally. As you may be aware, in WA Marsh is the manager of the Local Government Insurance Scheme (LGIS).

AssetVal, was established to service Local Government clients and this remains our focus. Our firm was the first to supply accounting compliance valuation projects to local authorities, commencing in Queensland in 1993. Since that time, we have gone on to provide more than 2,000 projects to over 200 local authorities across every state and territory. Importantly, we have never had a single qualified audit on our valuations. Across Australia, the value we create is driven through the personal determination of 2,000 staff located in more than 20 offices throughout the country, who work together to ensure flexible, efficient, quality solutions are delivered to our clients.


is qualified within the following sub-categories:

  • Asset Management Services (PSP003-002)
  • Valuation Services (PSP003-001)