Review into District and Local Emergency Management Committees

 In May 2022, SEMC approved a review of the District Emergency Management Committee (DEMC) and Local Emergency Management Committee (LEMC) functions and governance. The DEMC and LEMC Review requires consultation with stakeholders across the EM sector, including representatives from LEMCs, DEMCs and Local Governments. WALGA has been engaged to act in an advisory role on behalf of the Local Government sector and promote the ways in which the Local Governments can input into LEMC and DEMC Review.
WALGA’s LEMC and DEMC Issues Paper provides the background to the LEMC and DEMC Review project and summarises the key issues relating to the LEMC and DEMC governance structures and functions that emerged out of a consultation with 100 Local Governments for the LEMA Review in 2022.
This paper will inform a LEMC and DEMC Review consultation delivered by The Nexus Network on behalf of the DFES, SEMC Business Unit. The consultation will seek input on LEMC functions, operations, membership, interactions with DEMCs and effectiveness in achieving the strategic objectives of the SEMC.
Focus groups for LEMC Members, Executive Officers and Chairs will be held online the week commencing 14 August 2023. If you would like to participate, please nominate here for your preferred focus group date and time.
WALGA will seek further feedback on LEMC and DEMC Review Outcomes and Recommendations from the Local Government sector when they become available. 
For more information, contact WALGA’s Project Lead, Emergency Management, Simone Ruane on