Hon Reece Whitby MLA - Minister for Environment; Climate Action 

Reece will be providing the opening address at the WALGA Urban Forest Conference 2023 Valuing Canopy. He will share what the State Government is doing to support projects that reduce carbon emissions and strengthen climate resilience, as well as weighing-in on what Local Governments can be doing to take meaningful climate action. 

Hon Dr Brad Pettitt MLC - 
Member for the South Metropolitan Region

Brad will be the MC for Professor Josh Byrne's Venue Partner Address.

Karen Sweeney – Manager Urban Forest, City of Sydney

Karen’s keynote address will focus on important aspects of the Greening Sydney Strategy, and how her team is aiming to increase Sydney’s overall green cover to 40%, including 27% canopy cover, by 2050. 

Josh Byrne - Dean of Sustainable Futures, Curtin University

As MC for the WALGA Urban Forest Conference 2023 Valuing Canopy. 
Josh will also deliver the Venue Partner Address: urban greening and water conservation in a ‘Net Zero Perth’ – have we got the balance right?