Tourism into the Future

Tourism industry experts will examine some of the trends that will define the future of tourism in WA and explore how Local Governments can position themselves to partner in supporting economic development for their local communities through tourism.


  • Chris Galvin, Senior Manager Insights and Planning, Tourism WA
  • Renata Lowe, A/Executive Director Destination Development, Tourism WA
  • Laura Anderson, Business Development Manager, Destination Perth 
  • Catrin Allsop, Chief Executive Officer, Australia’s South West
  • Facilitated by The Rt Hon the Lord Mayor Basil Zempilas, City of Perth

Chris Galvin


Laura Anderson



Catrin Allsop

Holistic Wellbeing Measures: A Tool for Better Planning and More Engaged Citizens  

WALGA has signed an MOU to support the Western Australian Development Index (WADI) project, which aims to establish a state-wide wellbeing metrics framework into WA. This session will explore the purpose of wellbeing measures with reference to specific examples of wellbeing measurement by Local Governments.


  • Professor Fiona Stanley AC, Ambassador, Western Australian Development Index (WADI)
  • Mike Salvaris, Manager, ANDI Project (Australian National Development Index), University of Melbourne
  • Beat Huser, Principal Strategic Advisor, Waikato Regional Council

Mike Salvaris

Beat Huser

Professor Fiona Stanley AC

Building Control: Red Tape or Community Service? The Future of Local Government Building Services

This session will provide insights into current and future challenges, recent inquiries and proposed regulatory changes. Importantly, the session will explore opportunities for overcoming critical challenges, together with industry experts and state agencies.


  • Bronwyn Weir, Managing Director, Weir Legal & Consulting    
  • Brett Mace, Chief Executive Officer, Australian Institute of Building Surveyors
  • Saj Abdoolakhan, Executive Director Building and Energy, DMIRS

Bronwyn Weir

Future of Local Government Workforce

Delve into current and emerging trends in the future of work and what this means for WA Local Governments. This session will explore issues such as our future skills needs, the impact of technology and labour force inclusion. It will also provide early insights into new research about the currentworkforce capability of WA Local Governments in Western Australia.


  • Daniela Andrei, Senior Research Fellow, Transformative Work Design Curtin University
  • Michelle Tjondro, Associate, SGS Economics and Planning
  • Facilitated by Jason McFarlane, Chair, Economic Development Australia

Michelle Tjondro


Jason McFarlane

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