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COVID-19: Update from WALGA President and CEO
17 December 2021

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Clarification Sought on Building and Construction Industry Worker Directions
WALGA is aware that there are different interpretations of the Building and Construction Industry Worker Directions.
WALGA's advice on these Directions was sourced directly from the Office of the Chief Health Officer with responsibility for Directions and instructing their drafting. This advice was also consistent with information provided at the Government Roundtables and the Chief Health Officer advice provided to the Premier on 22 October 2021, which outlines why the Chief Health Officer is concerned regarding the construction industry and was recommending mandatory vaccination. 
WALGA requested urgent advice from the Office of the Chief Health Officer regarding this matter yesterday and will circulate the information when it is received. WALGA acknowledges that this issue is significant for the sector, with the deadline for first vaccination fast approaching.
For more information regarding the Directions, email the COVID-19 response team.
Critical Government Regulator Directions – Additional Coverage Announced
The Chief Health Officer has issued an additional Local Government worker type to be covered by the Critical Government Regulator (Restrictions on Access) Directions.
The Directions allow the Chief Health Officer some flexibility to add additional roles to the Directions' coverage.  The addition is for persons designated as an authorised officer by a Local Government under section 26 of the Public Health Act 2016.  Environmental Health Officers are already covered by the Directions.
WALGA is aware that several Local Governments have appointed Diploma qualified technical officers as authorised officers under the Public Health Act 2016 (WA) and these would be covered by the addition to the Directions.
For more information regarding the Directions, email the COVID-19 response team.
WA Safe Transition Plan
The State Government has now released WA’s Safe Transition Plan.  This covers conditions for interstate and international travel and provides some information on the type of restrictions which will be required. 
The restrictions which have been identified include:
  • masks to be worn in high-risk indoor settings
  • proof of vaccination required for some events and entry into some venues
  • contact registration requirements  
  • revised COVID Safety Plans for events, and
  • restricted entry to remote Aboriginal Communities.
The announcement also identified that there will be additional requirements for regions with below 80% double dose vaccination rates.
WALGA is anticipating that there will be further detail on exactly what will be required through the release of Directions in early 2022. 
To prepare for the additional requirements, Local Governments are encouraged to:
  • Review their Business Continuity Plans – for assistance contact LGIS Manager, Risk and Governance Services Ben Galvin
  • Do a stocktake and check expiry dates for PPE (particularly masks) - additional PPE can be ordered through the spreadsheet that is regularly distributed by Department of Finance
  • Provide a weekly PPE update to Department of Finance, and
  • Consider the implications of the transition for Local Government events, particularly those with over 1000 attendees.
For more information, email the COVID-19 response team.
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