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Procurement News
MARCH 2020
Issue 67

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Accountability in Emergency Procurement
A timely reminder...
If you’re looking to use tender exempt provisions available in the Local Government (Functions and General) Regulations 1996 (Regulations) relating to obtaining the supply of goods and services in an emergency, there are very specific circumstances where this can occur.
  • The Regulations tender exemption identified in Reg 11(2)(a) ONLY applies to unbudgeted expenditure authorised in an emergency under section 6.8(1)(c) of the Act.
  • Section 6.8(1)(c) is a power for the Mayor or President to authorise unbudgeted expenditure from the municipal fund ‘in an emergency’. Only the Mayor or President (or deputy mayor/president when acting in the role) can exercise this authority.
The Local Government Act does not define ‘emergency’. A dictionary definition is normally used to understand the meaning of an undefined term, with an emergency being "a serious, unexpected, and often dangerous situation requiring immediate action."

Even where the above criteria have been met, there may be some additional steps relating to record keeping and accountability that should be taken into consideration for your procurement activities:
  • clarify that the situation meets the criteria for treatment as an emergency and that a flexible approach to procurement can be fully justified. This includes recording rationale for why F&G reg 11(2)(a) is applicable
  • consider whether there are existing contractual arrangements, or guidance within your purchasing policy for dealing with the situation that has arisen
  • identify, specify and prioritise the immediate procurement activities that will make a situation safe and / or protect life or property from imminent risk
  • determine actions proposed to be undertaken to reasonably ensure that best value is still obtained, despite no public tender being undertaken
  • find out what other government agencies or NGOs are doing, and, where possible, collaborate, and
  • consider your duty of care to suppliers and take appropriate measures to ensure their safety.
Remember that, regardless of which procurement process has been adopted, it may still be the subject of an audit. It is important that even in the instance where it may not be possible, or reasonable, to comply with the Act, Regulations or internal purchasing policy as a result of immediate supply needs outside of the declared emergency, any considerations that have contributed to decision making in respect of your procurement process be evidenced in the LG’s records.
For more information, please contact our Procurement Services Team or Governance.
Marketing and Communications
Through the WALGA Group Advertising Services (C09_19), a presentation has been received from Marketforce to assist with brand and marketing responses to the current COVID-19 situation.
A copy of the presentation is available here.

Marketforce has advised that advertising bookings continue as usual and that Ads Plus II remains accessible. Scheduled system upgrades may be delayed due to current market disruption.
For further information, contact Andrew Blitz on (08) 9213 2046
eQuotes Training 
Did you know that WALGA offers free eQuotes Training?
eQuotes is our free online Request for Quote system for Members, and is an essential tool for all staff involved in purchasing of goods and services. The system is provided to Members as part of their membership fee. 

WALGA also provides free demonstrations and training for staff to start, as well as user support via telephone and email, in addition to online videos and FAQs available in eQuotes. 

The training is relevant to Local Government officers who would like refresher training, or are new to eQuotes.
For more information about eQuotes or to organise a demonstration, email eQuotes or call (08) 9213 2505.
Preferred Supplier Arrangements Updates
WALGA has 36 Preferred Supply panels and details of these panels are available by logging into eQuotes, or by consulting the Preferred Supplier Directory on the WALGA website.
Terminated Preferred Suppliers

The following suppliers have been terminated:
  • Engineering Consulting Services (C036_17) Contract:
    • Cundall Johnston & Partners Pty Ltd
    • Lycopodium Infrastructure Pty Ltd
For further details contact the Contract Manager, Craig Hansom
  • Legal & Debt Management Services (C046_17) Contract:
          o    Sphere Legal
For further details contact the Procurement Specialist, Amy Green
  • Asset Management Consulting Services (C016_18) Contract:
         o    Lycopodium Infrastructure Pty Ltd
For further details contact the Contract Manager, Craig Hansom
  • Fuel (Bulk), Fuel Cards, Oils & Lubricants (NPN 1.17) Contract:
    • Armadillo Group
For further details contact the Contract Manager, Dale Chapman
  • Audit & Compliance Services (C04_19) Contract:
          o    FM Contract Solutions
For further details contact the Procurement Specialist, Amy Green

Current WALGA Tenders
  • RFT 04/20 Panel of Suppliers for Road Building Contractors, Materials & Related Services (closing Friday, 27 March)
  • RFT 08/20 Tender Management Services Preferred Supplier Arrangement (closing Tuesday, 31 March)

Contract Novations
The Trustee for WISE Unit Trust t/as Water Infrastructure Science Engineering (ABN 64 274 696 104) has changed its entity name to Water Infrastructure Science Engineering Pty Ltd (ABN 38 158 227 340). It is a preferred supplier on the C037_16 Engineering Consultancy Services panel..

AssetVal Pty Ltd (ABN 81 134 828 738) has changed its entity name to Marsh Pty Ltd (ABN 86 004 651 512).  It is a preferred supplier on the C016_18 Asset Management Consultancy Services panel.

Preferred Supplier Arrangement refresh – C05_17 Temporary Personnel Services

WALGA is currently reviewing the Temporary Personnel Services Preferred Supplier Arrangement (C05_17) with the intention of the following actions:
  • to add a new category – (Category 8  Permanent Recruitment Services)
  • rename the existing PSA from Temporary Personnel Services to Temporary Labour and Permanent Recruitment Services
  • allow incumbent Preferred Suppliers to prequalify against the new category, and
  • go to Public Tender to add additional suppliers for the new category.
If you have locally based suppliers that would be interested in responding to this Tender please notify WALGA so they can be included in pre-tender notification.
If you would like to provide feedback or be involved in this Tender evaluation, please email the Contract Manager, Lilian Kamfwa or call (08) 9213 2009.
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