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Issue 65

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Making Sustainable Procurement Easier
Many members have asked WALGA about knowing more about suppliers and their approach to sustainable procurement.
As a result, in an Australian first and working with our technology partner VendorPanel, WALGA’s eQuotes tool has solved that problem. We have expanded the supplier information in eQuotes to show up-to-date ratings in line with WALGA’s Preferred Supplier Sustainability System.
Now, when a buyer browses suppliers, or adds them to an RFQ, they are listed with the relevant WALGA sustainability icons shown alongside. The buyer can hover over an icon to see which of the sustainability ratings the supplier has attained. For example, having OHS management systems in place to ensure safe work practices, being carbon neutral, or being locally - or Indigenous - owned. The overall sustainability rating for each supplier from emerging through to leading is also shown.
Buyers can click through for more information specific to that supplier’s certification: for example that it holds a Green Stamp Level 3 from the Printing Industries Association, or that it is an Aboriginal business.
This powerful, easy-to-use feature helps buyers make better-informed procurement decisions and supports sustainable procurement policies that have been agreed by Council executives and elected representatives.
The information is gathered as part of our evaluation of responses to our Preferred Supplier Arrangement (PSA) Tenders. As a result of this approach, the feature is being rolled out across all 950 WALGA suppliers starting with more recent PSAs.
For more information about sustainable procurement, contact Alison Maggs.
For information on eQuotes, please contact Tabitha Syokau.
Cyber Security
As an area of high strategic focus for the sector, WALGA is directly and indirectly supporting a number of initiatives to enhance cyber security awareness and responsiveness.
WALGA is in the final stage of evaluating a new ICT Services PSA with a dedicated category for Cyber Security services delivered by prequalified and credentialed suppliers. 
We have also developed a Cyber Security webpage that contains information and links to support organisational strategy and risk management. A recent example showcasing a surprise cyber-disaster text exercise at the Shire of Noosa has been profiled inclusive of a number of areas identified for improvement.  
WALGA Members may also have an interest in attending the Local Government focused Cyber Showcase lunch on Wednesday, 5 February. This event is presented by the ECU Security Research Institute and AustCyber and will showcase the Cyber Check.Me initiative. Further details can be obtained here.
For further information about WALGA’s cyber security activity and service provision, please contact ICT Manager, Peter Johnson or call 9213 2019. Alternatively, if your query relates to the PSA, please contact Andrew Blitz on 9213 2046.
NAB appointed to WALGA Preferred Supply
The new PSA for Financial Services is currently under implementation.
WALGA is pleased to announce that the National Australia Bank (NAB) has been contracted to the Banking Services and Purchasing Card and Expense Management categories of supply. Banking services, including cash management, online banking, bill payment and corporate cards are within scope of supply for this Contract.

In addition to welcoming their Preferred Supplier relationship with WALGA, NAB have also noted they have committed $4 million to a Disaster Relief Fund and $1 million to the Red Cross in support of the bushfire recovery and rebuilding efforts in communities across Australia. Access to support for affected communities extends to Western Australia. 

For information about Preferred Supply service options and account management please contact Senior Specialised Banking Manager – Transactional, Gemma Lawson on 0427 377 081, or Associate Director - Government, Education & Community, Matthew Smoje on 0477 729 115.
For WALGA Contract information, please contact Procurement Specialist, Amy Green on 9213 2520. Further information can also be accessed through the NAB supplier profile on WALGA eQuotes.
Legal Advice
WALGA has received legal advice to confirm that Local Governments can establish a panel within a PSA.
The advice stated that:

''Even though there is no specific provision that would enable a Local Government to establish a panel of preferred suppliers under a WALGA preferred supplier arrangement, there is no prohibition or restriction against a Local Government doing so.

It would therefore be open to a Local Government to establish an informal panel of preferred suppliers from a WALGA preferred supplier arrangement (to establish its own shortlist of preferred suppliers).

An informal panel arrangement and the provision of any goods and services by a preferred supplier on that panel would need to comply with the tendering requirements in the Regulations and the local government’s purchasing policy.

Regulation 11(2)(b) provides an exemption to the requirement to tender where the supply of goods or services is to be obtained through the WALGA preferred supplier program.  An exemption to the requirement for public tender would therefore apply where the supply of goods or services is to be obtained through a preferred supplier under a WALGA preferred supplier arrangement or any informal panel shortlisted from that arrangement. 

It would be up to the local government how to structure an informal panel arrangement.  One option would be for a local government to provide for the informal panel arrangement in its procurement policy.”

The way to set up such a panel would be to do so via the Local Government’s Purchasing Policy or procurement process.

For example, the procurement policy could be drafted to provide that;
  • the Local Government can select x number of suppliers from a WALGA preferred supplier arrangement (to create an informal sub panel or shortlist), or
  • when obtaining quotes, the Local Government is to request a quote from x suppliers within the sub panel, comprised of preferred suppliers under a WALGA preferred supplier arrangement.
A Local Government would also need to ensure that if an informal panel or shortlist was established, the panel or shortlist was kept up to date with any changes to the WALGA preferred supplier arrangement

This is a different process to that adopted under Division 3 of the Regulations – this is an administrative process within the Local Government and as such should follow the Local Government’s own policies.
For further information on establishing panels within a PSA, contact Alison Maggs or call 9213 2016.
eQuotes Training 
Did you know that WALGA offers free eQuotes Training?
eQuotes is our free online Request for Quote system for Members, and is an essential tool for all staff members involved in purchasing of goods and services. The system is provided to Members as part of their membership fee. 

WALGA also provides free demonstrations and training for members’ staff to start, as well as user support via telephone and email, in addition to online videos and FAQs available in eQuotes. 

The training is relevant to Local Government officers who would like refresher training, or are new to eQuotes.
For more information about eQuotes or to organize a demonstration, please email eQuotes or call 9213 2505.
Qualitative Criteria in Evaluation 
Selection Criteria
Selection Criteria are an essential element of Request for Tender documentation going into the market. The Local Government (Functions and General) Regulations 1996 specifies that the Local Government must, before tenders are publicly invited, determine in writing the criteria for deciding which tender should be accepted [F&G r.14(2a)]

What are Qualitative Criteria?

The qualitative criteria are just one element of the wider selection criteria, but they are critical to differentiate between tender submissions and allow for the assessment of merits of each offer. This may include technical merit, supplier capability and capacity, as well as the value proposition.

Qualitative Criteria: Identifies what needs to be demonstrated to prove a supplier is suitable to deliver the goods / services / work.
Weighting: Identifies the relative importance of each criterion to suppliers in developing their response, and to the Evaluation Panel when assessing tender submissions.

How can I get the best out of them?

Contextualise! It is tempting to copy and paste standardised qualitative criteria, or use something that was in the last RFT. If it is still the best approach – great! More often, it is better to start from scratch.

During your procurement planning, put some effort into developing criteria that are going to help you find the differences between suppliers in the market and are specific to your requirements. What are the critical elements of delivery that need to be highlighted in submissions? They can be as unique to your process as you need them to be! The WALGA Procurement Toolkit has some tools that you could use as a base to build your very own criteria.

Prioritise! The next step is to assess the relative importance of each criterion, rank them and assign a weighting that reflects this.

Double check that all individuals weightings add up to 100! Some key things to consider when developing your criteria:
  1. clearly specify your requirements to exclude non-conforming responses, without reducing the potential for innovation or viable alternatives
  2. build in strong risk assessment questions to inform the value for money judgement decision
  3. weight your qualitative criteria by importance and ensure they will allow for differentiation between the responses received, and
  4. develop a scoring matrix and rating scale to compare qualitative criteria.
If you wish to consider alternative responses, plan for how alternatives will be assessed against the anticipated responses.
For more information, please contact our team at Procurement Services.
Hazardous and Emergency Event Services
Did you know there is a Hazardous and Emergency Event Services PSA – more commonly known as HEES?
This means that when you have an event (such as recent bushfires) you can access suppliers on the Panel quickly and easily.

If a Local Government doesn’t use the panel, it can have emergency work undertaken, but then is required via the Regulations to seek quotes/tenders for the longer term remediation work. For example, emergency clearing, removal of hazardous materials, and asbestos removal etc.

By using the HEES PSA, a Local Government can use one of the suppliers on the panel on a continuous basis, during the emergency and afterward.

The PSA has eight Preferred Suppliers, across two categories:
  • Hazardous Material Clean Up Services, and
  • Emergency Event Clean Up Services.
For more information, please email Preferred Supplier.
Use of Copyright Information
Local Governments have recently been approached with an offer to enter into a licence agreement that permits the use of material protected under the Copyright Act 1968 (Cth).
The Copyright Agency, a not-for-profit copyright collection society, has been contacting Local Government for many years to promote their copyright licensing agreement, which collects payments on behalf of its Members including authors, publishers and journalists. WALGA has previously advised Local Governments to conduct an internal assessment to determine if there is a valid business need to reproduce print articles that have copyright protection under the Copyright Act 1968 (Cth).
We understand that many Local Governments have reviewed their practices and issued administrative instruction to cease re-publishing protected print material so as to avoid breaching copyright. Other Local Governments have determined a valid business purpose for publication and chose to enter into a licensing agreement.
It is apparent that the most notable and common use of copyright-protected material occurs when Local Governments reproduce news or information articles from locally circulating publications. WALGA Members should be aware that if they arrange to publish information that is (i.e. local law, planning proposal etc) in a local, regional or State-wide newspaper, you can seek their permission to reproduce the published item for your own purposes. Obtaining permission in this way ensures you do not breach copyright and you will not need to enter into a licensing agreement. It is also open for Local Governments to deal directly with the copyright owner should the reproduction of articles and information occur infrequently.
For further information, contact Manager Governance, James McGovern or call 9213 2093.
Procurement Network Forum - Save The Date
WALGA invites you to attend the first Procurement Network Forum for 2020.
Tea, coffee and a light lunch will be provided after the forum.

Date:     Thursday, 20 February
Time:     9:00am to 1:00pm
Venue:  City of Vincent, 244 Vincent Street (cnr of Loftus Street), Leederville
Dress:   Smart casual
Held quarterly, the Procurement Network Forum provides an opportunity for collaboration between Local Government officers to explore hot topics in their professional field, having the opportunity to ask questions and engage with staff across the sector.

The upcoming Forum will feature an update from the Fleet, Waste and Consumables Category amongst other Procurement topics, and updates on WALGA’s recent and upcoming activity.
More information and registration details for in-person or webinar attendance will be sent out in the coming weeks, but please save the date if you are interested in attending!
Preferred Supplier Arrangements (PSAs) Updates
WALGA has 37 Preferred Supplier panels and details of these panels are available by logging into eQuotes or by consulting the Preferred Supplier Directory.
Contract Extensions
  • Call Centre Management (CO29_14) has been extended to 31 January 2021
Terminated Preferred Suppliers

The following suppliers have been terminated:
  • Parks & Gardens Goods & Services (C038_17) Contract:
    • Geoff's Tree Services
For further details contact the Contract Manager, Craig Grant
  • CCTV, Security Systems & Services (C014_18) Contract:
    • Castle Security & Electrical
For further details contact the Contract Manager, Lilian Kamfwa
  • Road Building Contractors, Materials & Related Services (C017_18) Contract:
    • Castle Civil
For further details contact the Contract Manager, Craig Hansom
  • Energy Services (C023_16) Contract:
    • Energy Made Clean
For further details contact the Contract Manager, Andrew Blitz
  • Financial Services (C023_17) Contract:
    • BCA Debt
For further details contact the Contract Manager, Amy Green
  • Workwear & Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) (NPN 3.11-2) Contract:
    • Jiyano Promotional Merchandise & Uniforms
For further details contact the Contract Manager, Dale Chapman
  • Legal Services (C046_17) Contract:
    • SRB Legal
For further details contact the Contract Manager, Amy Green

Contract Novations

Merger Contracting Pty Ltd t/as J & M Asphalt (ABN 46 091 20 354) have changed their entity name to J & M Asphalt Pty Ltd (ABN 40 628 663 221). They are preferred suppliers on the C017_18 Road Building Contractors, Materials & Related Services contract.
Brand One Group Pty Ltd t/as Brand One (ABN 95 141 447 289) have changed their entity name to 121 Group Pty Ltd t/as Brand One (ABN 49 152 344 780). They are preferred suppliers on the C042_17 Marketing & Media Services contract.

Call Centre Services PSA C029_14

A further short term extension to the current Call Centre Management contract has been arranged. WALGA will shortly be tendering for Telecommunications and Networks and will be including Call Management Services as a category of supply to this new arrangement. When the new contract has been implemented the current contract will lapse.
One of WALGA’s Preferred Suppliers to the current Call Management Preferred Supplier Arrangement, Oracle Customer Management Solutions, is offering free support services to Local Government’s across Australia impacted by the current bushfires.  Significant services have been provided at no cost to Local Governments for inbound call management and alert application services to free up resources for bushfire management. To enquire more about this offer, please contact General Manager of Operations, Oracle CMS, Mark Needham or call (03) 9947 4600.

For Contract Management enquiries relating to the current Call Centre Contract, please contact Amy Green and for information regarding the forthcoming Request for Tender, please contact Brian Ging.

Engineering Consulting Services PSA C037_16

WALGA will Tender for additional suppliers on Saturday, 1 February. Subject to a history of satisfactory performance, existing Preferred Suppliers will not be required to respond to the Tender.

To encourage local and regional suppliers to respond, you might want to consider:
  • running a similarly worded advertisement in your local newspaper
  • posting a notice on your notice board, and
  • posting a news item on your Local Government website.
Thank you for your continued support of the WALGA PSA.

If you have any questions please email the Contract Manager, Craig Hansom or call 9213 2061.

Energy Services PSA C023_16

WALGA will shortly be issuing a Request For Tender to refresh its Energy Services PSA. The scope of this contract includes the supply of contestable energy, public lighting, supply of electrical contracting, sustainable energy infrastructure, LED Luminaires and energy consulting. The new PSA aims to develop enhanced supply options at a local level. 

Should you have local suppliers that may have an interest in this Panel please advise the Contract Manager, Andrew Blitz.

Telecommunication Services PSA C030_15

The Telecommunication Services PSA will go back out to Tender within the next couple of months and WALGA is seeking feedback from Members to ensure that the panel continues to meet Local Government needs.

Please provide any feedback through to Senior Procurement Specialist, Brian Ging or call 9213 2518.

Business Software Systems and Services PSA C032_16

WALGA is currently reviewing the Business Software Systems and Services PSA with the intention for the following actions:
  • utilise the PSA extension option for suitably performing Preferred Suppliers
  • go to Tender to add additional suppliers, and
  • maintain the current categories for the period of the extension.
If you have any feedback or would like to be involved in the Client Reference Group, please contact Procurement Specialist, Lilian Kamfwa or call 9213 2009 before Friday, 31 January.

Fuel Tax Credit Audits PSA C04_19

WALGA has refreshed its PSA contract for Fuel Tax Credit audit activity. This contract is now a category within the new Audit and Compliance Services PSA. AIT Specialists have been reappointed to this contract. 

Since July 2019 reviews have been completed for 12 WALGA Members. Revenue has been identified for each Local Government reviewed with a collective value of more than $200,000 of lodged claims. Since the program commenced more than $3 million worth of claims have been recovered for WALGA Members. 

Some legislative reforms have led to recent changes inclusive of provision for additional claim entitlements relating to tipper truck or truck mounted cranes within a vehicle fleet. 
For further information about the AIT Specialists Service, please contact Matthew Fahey on 0481 222 868.
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