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APRIL 2020
Issue 4

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Welcome to the April Issue of EnviroNews
Each month the WALGA Environment Team will feature an article on an important environmental topic or champion, this month we profile the City of Subiaco's Corporate Carbon Reduction Plan.
The City of Subiaco has committed to its first Corporate Carbon Reduction Plan, which outlines a number of ambitious targets and a commitment to achieving carbon neutrality. The plan is expected to reduce the City’s greenhouse gas emissions by 772 tonnes a year by 2030.

To read more on the Carbon Reduction Plan, click here.
For more information, visit the City of Subiaco website.
Urban Heat Island Effect and Expected Temperature Rises - A Literature Review
A short literature review on the urban heat island effect (UHIE) and its implications for urban planners in Perth-Peel and the other larger regional centres.
The urban heat island effect (UHIE) refers to the elevated temperatures that occur in built-up urban areas compared to  surrounding rural land. Urban planners may find it useful to get an understanding of the range of temperatures that could be expected during the summer months.

A key finding of the review was that green spaces, including parks and urban forests, could have the biggest impact on reducing the UHIE of the built form.

To read a summary of the paper, click here.

The full paper can be accessed here.
For more information on the research, please contact A/Environment Manager, Garry Middle on (08) 9213 2049.
Now supporting other web mapping services.
You can now view maps available on a range of web mapping platforms, including Local Government internal mapping systems, through LGmap.

To find out more, read the Web Maps Guide.
For more information on LGmap or to organise a trial and demonstration, contact Business Development Officer (LGmap), Renata Zelinova on
(08) 9213 2521.
2021 WA Natural Resource Management and Coastal Conference - Expressions of Interest Open
Expressions of interest are sought from interested Local Governments and regional bodies, including partnerships or consortia, and nominations close Thursday, 28 May.
WALGA, in partnership with the State Natural Resource Management Office (within the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development) and the Western Australian Planning Commission, is seeking to appoint a host for the next WA State Natural Resource Management and Coastal Conference to be held in 2021.

This will be the third joint NRM and Coastal Conference. The conference attracts around 200 delegates from community and not-for-profit groups, Local Government, State Government, academia and industry. The event provides a unique opportunity to focus on the challenges and opportunities in planning, conserving and managing our natural resources, both inland and at the coast. It seeks to inspire, inform and connect people, and showcase and celebrate the huge amount of work being done to plan, manage and protect our highly valued landscapes and coasts.

The event has the potential to bring many positive benefits to the host and local community, providing a unique opportunity to showcase a local area, creating a great sense of partnership and connection within the local and broader community, and providing a significant boost to the local economy.

Expressions of interest to host, and for partnership and consortia, have now been extended until Thursday, 28 May.

Information and guidelines can be found here and on the Planning WA website.
For further information, please contact A/Environment Manager, Garry Middle on (08) 9213 2049. 
Update to the Climate Change Natural Disasters Resilience Program
In 2019 WALGA, in partnership with Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries (DLGSCI), Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES), Department of Water and Environmental Regulation (DWER), and Local Government Insurance Service (LGIS), was successful in receiving funding for the Commonwealth Natural Disaster Resilience Program.
The Commonwealth Natural Disaster Resilience Program is currently focused on the state of climate resilience planning and decision making of all Local Governments in WA, especially in relation to the increased incidence and severity of natural disasters as a result of climate change.

Stage 1 of the project is an assessment of the extent to which climate change and disaster management are embedded in the decision making and governance documents of all Western Australian Local Governments using two sets of data: a software program called Climate Planning’s Informed.CityTM framework, and an online survey of Local Government officers working in the climate change area.

This data will be used to identify gaps, barriers and opportunities to incorporating climate change into Western Australian Local Government decision making, and to produce material and training to close these gaps and address the barriers, which will be Stage 2 of the project.

Stage 1 is almost complete and WALGA will soon be able to pass the results from that work on to Members. Look out for an announcement of a webinar as part of the release of this data.
For more information on the program, please contact A/Environment Manager, Garry Middle on (08) 9213 2049.
WALGA Webinar: Sustainability Reporting Frameworks for Local Government
WALGA will host a webinar on Sustainability Reporting Frameworks for Local Government on Thursday, 7 May.
In response to the current COVID-19 situation, WALGA has transitioned its popular Environment Event Series into monthly short webinars on environment and sustainability topics of interest to the sector. Please join us for our first webinar on Sustainability Reporting Frameworks for Local Government.

The webinar will focus on how sustainability frameworks can be used to embed sustainability across Local Government by providing a strategic approach to the planning, management and evaluation of activities and services.  

The UN Sustainable Development Goals, One Planet Living and ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems will be discussed, along with examples of tailored Sustainability Reporting Platforms. Local Government case studies will provide insights into considerations for council adoption, and how goals or targets are developed and measured. The benefits and challenges of using the various frameworks, and success stories will also be shared.
To view the webinar program or to register, please click here.
For more information, please email A/Event Manager, Ulrike Prill.
Wembley Golf Course on the Green Grid
A 100 kilowatt PV solar system was installed at the Town of Cambridge’s Wembley Golf Course Driving Range in early April.
The system will off-set approximately 125 tonnes of carbon emissions per year and will reduce around 31% of energy required from the grid.

The state-of-the-art driving range is in a prime position to capture sun rays and generate power.
A payback period of 3.2 years is predicted. This means the cost of the system is offset against the amount of money saved from using less electricity, and at the end of the 3.2 years the system would be paid off and begin ‘generating’ savings.
Testing and commissioning is now underway and the project is anticipated to be completed in May 2020.
For more information about the project, please email the Town of Cambridge's Sustainability Team.
Coogee Maritime Trail Wins Environmental and Sustainability Award 
The City of Cockburn’s popular Coogee Maritime Trail has been recognised for its environmental and sustainability excellence by the WA Division of the Institute of Public Works Engineering Australasia Western Australia (IPWEA).
The North Coogee trail is adjacent to the 1905 Omeo shipwreck and opened in 2016 with the installation of a 33-piece artificial reef and artwork for snorkelling and diving.
The City received the 2020 Excellence in Environment and Sustainability Award for the unique 230m trail at the IPWEA WA Awards.
The City now qualifies for the IPWEA Australasian Awards which will be presented at the biennial International Public Works Conference in Adelaide, in August 2021.
City of Cockburn Parks & Environment Manager, Anton Lees said the award recognised the underwater trail for boosting marine biodiversity, stabilising the seabed and reducing habitat loss in an urban marine environment.
The trail was boosted last November with a further 55 reef modules made from ultra-low carbon geo-polymer concrete donated by Henderson-based company, Subcon. 
For more information, contact the City’s Environment Team on
(08) 9411 3444. 
Unleash Your Inner Green Thumb in the City of Bayswater
Funding is available to create a waterwise verge in the City of Bayswater, through a partnership with the Water Corporation.
The City of Bayswater and Water Corporation have teamed up to create a Waterwise greening program to help residents create their own Waterwise verge gardens. Planting verges with Waterwise plants has many benefits but most importantly, it helps to reduce water use, it increases local biodiversity, it creates wildlife corridors and builds resilience to climate change.

As part of this program, property owners can apply for a rebate of up to $250 to assist with the creation of a Waterwise verge garden. 
This initiative is proudly co-funded by Water Corporation’s ‘Waterwise Greening Scheme’ and forms part of the ambition for the City of Bayswater to be a leading Waterwise and climate change resilient community.
For more information or to apply for the Waterwise Verge Program, see the City of Bayswater's website.
The City of South Perth Recreates Swan Nesting Habitat
The City recently engaged Eco-Craft Environmental to supply and install two floating islands on Lake Douglas to encourage swans and other birds to nest.
The man-made islands are made of HDPE pipe and polypropylene grate, which have been planted with Baumea preissii to create a nesting area.
Lake Douglas has been identified as a suitable breeding ground for the swans and the islands will provide a refuge from predators.
As the rushes grow under the islands, they will also filter the water for nutrients and help improve the quality of water in the lake.
The floating rafts are UV resistant and are expected to last for more than 18 years.
For more information, please contact City of South Perth Supervisor Natural Areas, Paul Reed on (08) 9295 5887.
Fremantle Residents Reminded to Keep Alert for Exotic Ant
The Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development’s (DPIRD) first round of Red Imported Fire ant (RIFA) surveillance and baiting has been successfully completed.
There have been no further detections of the exotic pest.

The first round of RFIA surveillance has been carried out on 589 randomly selected private premises in the Fremantle 2km Quarantine Area, as well as some 200 additional non-residential premises both inside and outside of the Quarantine Area.

DPIRD Plant Biosecurity Manager, John Van Schagen said Fremantle residents, Local Government, businesses and Fremantle Ports and their tenants have been incredibly supportive and cooperative with surveillance, baiting and quarantine activities.

For more information on how to report suspicious ant activity, click here.

For further information on the RIFA, click here.
For more information, contact the DPIRD Pest and Disease Information Services on (08) 9368 3080.
City of Stirling Carp Removal a Success!
Recent efforts by City of Stirling prove to be a success with over 150 alien fish removed from Princeton Lakes and Roselea Estate.
In March, the City of Stirling, in collaboration with the Water Corporation, and with assistance from local consultancy Wetland Research and Management (WRM) commenced removal of carp from Princeton Lakes and Roselea Estate. 
Common carp, Koi carp and goldfish are widely believed to detrimentally affect aquatic plants, animals and overall wetland health, particularly through their destructive feeding habits.  This initial program removed over 150 common carp and goldfish from two lakes using a combination of electrofishing and specially designed fish traps.

Carp infestation of Perth’s wetlands is a growing issue and stems from the deliberate dumping of unwanted Koi carp, common carp and goldfish. It is believed that in some instances carp are intentionally illegally stocked for human consumption!  This is concerning as fish may have consumed heavy metals and metalloids from the sediments, making them unsafe for human consumption. 

Community education about environmental consequences is important to prevent further dumping of non-native fish into our precious wetlands.

The City of Stirling will continue to work with WRM to target these and additional lakes around the City, including Lake Gwelup, for the ongoing management of alien fish infestations.
For more information on the options available for non-native fish removal, please contact City of Stirling Conservation Officer, Jo Taylor on (08) 9205 8555.
Join the WA Landcare Network For A Weekly Online Chat!
The WA Landcare Network has launched a weekly meeting 'Landcare Checks In' for land carers to come together to discuss hot topics and issues, share stories, and develop solutions to landcare issues.
‘Landcare Checks In’ is WA Landcare Network’s (WALN) new online opportunity for landcarers to come together to chat about landcare issues.

Beginning with a focus on landcare and the COVID-19 pandemic, the meeting aims to provide a platform for landcarers to come together to discuss a range of landcare hot topics.

WALN is aware that many groups are concerned about the upcoming planting season with the restrictions on public gatherings and getting plants in the ground. Others are grappling with new technology and new forms of communicating with their members, volunteers, and staff, and how the economic situation will impact on future landcare funding.
The meetings will be hosted by Louise Duxbury and Caroline Hughes from WA Landcare Network and participants are encouraged to share their current issues, concerns and stories and learn from other landcarers in an informal chat session.
For more information or to register for the meeting, click here.
For further information on landcare projects, view the WA Landcare Network website.
Wooroloo Brook Landcare Group Introduces Scott's Spot
The Wooroloo Brook Landcare Group (WBLG) has joined forces with EMRC to work with private landholders to rehabilitate and restore their land, with the intention of using this land as case studies for best Natural Resource Management practice.
‘Scotts Spot’ is the WBLG’s first case study which has an ephemeral tributary running through it from Cookes Brook. Prior to the WBLG engaging with the landholder the property was thick with Acacia longifolia, a weedy wattle.
Some of the weedy wattles were felled by the landholder but the WBLG suggested to cease the clearing to allow for native fauna habitat and forage space. The cleared land will then be revegetated by the group with the help of Shire of Mundaring’s ‘Seedlings for Landcare’ program.  As the plants become a substantial size the remaining A.longifolia will then be cleared, this is called mosiac clearing. WBLG has started collecting information at Scott’s Spot as an initial assessment of the site. With this information the group can see the differences they are making and assess best practice.
For more information, please contact EMRC Community Engagement Officer, Danae Warden on (08) 9424 2262.
Upcoming Events
WALGA Webinar: Sustainability Reporting Frameworks for Local Government
Date: Thursday, 7 May
Venue: Online
WALGA has many environment related resources available to assist you with operational and policy issues:

A mapping product that has been specifically designed to meet the needs of Local Governments. The LGmap has a large range of data relevant to land use, infrastructure and environmental planning. It has the capability to enable the inclusion of local data and unique reporting functions linked to statutory process requirements.

WALGA Environment Platform
The Environment Platform is an online hub for the Local Government Sector to build capacity and knowledge in Environment And Sustainability, as well as provide networking groups for Elected Members, Officers and Environmental Planning Tool (EPT) Users.

Find a Conservation Group
To find out whether there are any community volunteers interested in bushland restoration in your Local Government area, go to the ‘find a conservation group’ application provided by the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attraction’s Urban Nature Program

Approved Vegetation Clearing Statistics for Local Government Area
Clearing statistics by industry group, Local Government or IBRA regions provided by the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation

To find out more, visit the Environment page of the WALGA website or contact the Environment team at WALGA.

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