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Community and Place News
Issue 12


Community and Place News is produced by WALGA's Community Team, part of the broader WALGA People and Place Team. WALGA's Community Team covers a broad portfolio of issues including Native Title and Aboriginal communities, access and inclusion, multicultural communities, public health, mental health, environmental health, sport and recreation, culture and the arts, social infrastructure, youth and early years, community safety and tourism.

WALGA acknowledges the many traditional owners of the land on which we work throughout Western Australia. We pay our respects to their Elders, past, present and emerging.

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Funding opportunities, resources, upcoming events and contacts:

Season's Greetings from the WALGA Community Team
This is the last edition of the Community and Place Newsletter for 2019.
The WALGA Community Team would like to thank everyone for their support and contributions to the newsletter throughout the year. We wish you a happy and safe festive season and look forward to working with you in 2020. The WALGA Office will be closed on Wednesday, 25 December and will reopen on Thursday, 2 January

WALGA Community Team's 2019 Achievements 
WALGA's Community Team has had a busy year developing advocacy submissions on behalf of Local Governments, hosting various events and contributing to a number of committees and networks.
See below for the advocacy submissions and events held in 2019.

WALGA advocacy submissions by the Community Team:
  • Draft WA Cultural Infrastructure Strategy
  • Public Health Act 2016 Regulation Review - Aquatic Facilities and Public Buildings 
  • WA Foodborne Illness Reduction Strategy
  • National Redress Scheme (Child Safety) and Local Government
  • Draft Guidelines for Local Heritage Surveys and Heritage Act 2018 Proclamation Regulations
  • Review of the Aboriginal Heritage Act 1972
  • WA Motorsport Strategy
  • State Strategy to Respond to the Abuse of Older People (Elder Abuse)
  • Climate Health WA Inquiry
  • Public Health Act 2016 Regulation Review - Managing Public Health Risks at Events in WA
  • Public Health Act 2016 Regulation Review - Management of Public Health Risks Related to Offensive Trade in WA
  • Public Health Act 2016 Regulation Review - Managing the Public Health Risks Associated with Cooling Towers and Warm Water Systems in WA
  • Public Health Act 2016 Regulation Review - A New Regulatory Framework for Managing Drinking Water in WA
  • Public Health Act 2016 Regulation Review - Managing Public Health Risks Associated with Pesticides in WA
  • Public Health Act 2016 Regulation Review - Managing Health Housing Risks in WA
WALGA events held by the Community Team:
  • 19 February - Regional Health Services Forum
  • 26 February - South West Native Title Settlement Update Briefing
  • 21 March - Workshop and Webinar on Draft Guidelines for Local Heritage Surveys and Heritage Proclamation Regulations
  • 9 May - Info Session on Proposed New Aboriginal Heritage Legislation
  • 20 June - Webinar Planet Youth Iceland
  • 21 June - Public Libraries Strategy Forum
  • 6 August - Building Positive Partnerships with Aboriginal Communities (jointly with WALGA's Environment Team)
  • 7-9 August - WALGA Local Government Convention, three sessions: 
          1. Community Engagement 
          2. Community Opportunity on Common Ground 
          3. Outcomes Measurement and Cultural Infrastructure
  • 29 August - Access and Inclusion Network Forum
  • 4 September - Local Government Community Safety Network Conference
  • 20 September - Wheatbelt Regional Health Services Forum (Trayning)
  • 21 October - Multicultural Communities Forum
  • 11 November - Mental Health Forum
  • 15 November - WALGA’s Role in Supporting Reconciliation Action Planning in Local Government
The WALGA Community Team also met with a large range of stakeholders, attended committees and networks, provided feedback at workshops, participated in grant assessment panels and attended award presentations. 
For more information email the Community Team
Workshop Explores WALGA’s Role in Supporting Reconciliation Action Planning in Local Government
On 15 November 2019, WALGA hosted a Workshop to explore WALGA’s role in supporting reconciliation action planning in Local Government.
The Workshop was facilitated by Danny Ford of Kambarang Services and Tim Muirhead from CSD Network, and attended by representatives from 18 Local Governments.

Participants explored the key challenges and keys to success in pursuing reconciliation and partnerships with Aboriginal communities and stakeholders, and what WALGA can do to build capacity for success and address common challenges for the Local Government sector. The feedback obtained at the Workshop will feed into WALGA’s next reconciliation action plan which is currently under development, as well as inform our work over the next 12 months.

For more information, or to join WALGA’s mailing list for reconciliation and Aboriginal Affairs, email Policy Officer, Community, Susie Moir or call 9213 2058.
State Government Releases Discussion Paper on Aboriginal Empowerment Strategy
The Western Australian Government is developing a strategy to guide how it works with Aboriginal people towards better social, economic, health and cultural outcomes.
To begin that conversation, A Path Forward: Developing the Western Australian Government’s Aboriginal Empowerment Strategy is a discussion paper that has been developed in collaboration with the WA Aboriginal Advisory Council and a range of Aboriginal organisations. Feedback on the discussion paper will help with the development of the final strategy, which will be formally adopted by the Government in 2020.

The discussion paper and further information is available here.

WALGA will be developing a sector submission and feedback is due to WALGA by Monday, 20 January 2020. 
For more information or to provide feedback please contact Policy Officer, Community, Susie Moir or phone 9213 2058.
Family Violence Legislation Reform Bill 2019
The State Government introduced a Bill into Parliament on Wednesday, 27 November to amend nine separate pieces of legislation across six separate Ministerial portfolios, and demonstrate a cross-Government commitment to tackling family and domestic violence.
The reform package includes:
  • two new offences under the Criminal Code, namely non-fatal strangulation and persistent family violence
  • new aggravated penalties for offences which commonly occur in circumstances of family violence
  • introduction of serial family violence offender declarations
  • expended access to electronic monitoring for offenders
  • introduction of jury directions to counter stereotypes, myths and misconceptions about family and domestic violence
  • making it easier for evidence of family and domestic violence to be introduced in criminal trials
  • requirement for police to record every family violence incident, and 
  • a range of amendments to enhance victim safety and make it easier for victims to obtain protection from violence.
To follow progress of the Bill's status, click here.
National Alcohol Strategy 2019–2028
The new Strategy builds on the existing efforts and responses to prevent and minimise alcohol-related harms, and provides a guide for focusing and coordinating population-wide and locally appropriate responses to alcohol-related harm by Governments, communities and service providers.
The aim of the Strategy is to prevent and minimise alcohol-related harms among individuals, families and communities by:
  • identifying agreed national priority areas of focus and policy options
  • promoting and facilitating collaboration, partnership and commitment from the government and non-government sectors, and
  • targeting a 10% reduction in harmful alcohol consumption.
The Strategy has been agreed to by all States and Territories.
To access the Strategy, click here
State Government 10 Year Homelessness Strategy Launched 
The new homelessness strategy, All Paths Lead to a Home - Western Australia's 10-Year Strategy on Homelessness 2020-2030, sets out a vision where everyone has a safe place to call home and is supported to achieve stable and independent lives.
The strategy, developed in partnership with the community services sector, is the result of 18 months of research and consultations around the State, and will focus on achieving outcomes across four areas:
  • providing safe, secure and stable homes
  • preventing homelessness
  • improving Aboriginal well-being, and
  • strengthening and coordinating responses. 
As part of the Strategy the State Government will develop two 'Common Ground' facilities to house and support people who are sleeping rough or experiencing chronic homelessness. The proven 'Common Ground' model of supportive housing offers a mix of permanent, affordable housing that is linked with dedicated, tailored support services that address the root causes of homelessness. 

The planning, design and construction of the 'Common Ground' facilities will receive $35 million over three years. The Department of Communities and City of Perth have commenced initial negotiations to determine the best location for the first facility in the central Perth area.
For more information on the Strategy, click here
WA Healthy Weight Action Plan 2019-2024
The Department of Health has released the WA Healthy Weight Action Plan 2019-2024  which is a joint initiative with the WA Primary Health Alliance, and Health Consumers' Council to create a roadmap for sustainable changes to support people and families who are at-risk of being overweight (those at the high end of the healthy weight body mass index range) and those who are overweight or obese.
The Plan is the first step of many to create a coordinated approach across health to tackle the complex causes of overweight and obesity, and work with our partners across WA to drive long-term change.

The Action Plan focuses on people at-risk of becoming overweight and those currently with overweight and obesity. It looks to create change in early intervention and management space, while supporting the preventive work currently being undertaken by the WA health sector.
  • Early intervention: the provision of support or interventions to an individual person or family at-risk of developing overweight (at the high end of the healthy weight range) to prevent a foreseeable decline in their health.
  • Management: the provision of support or interventions to a person or family with overweight or obesity that will enhance health and well-being outcomes, prevent further weight gain or support weight loss. Management services can incorporate a range of social, psychological, medical and surgical assistance delivered by a range of professionals and peer supports in an integrated care framework.
To access the Plan, click here
2019 Western Australian Seniors Awards  - Congratulations to Local Governments
The 2019 WA Seniors Awards were presented by the Council on the Ageing (WA) in partnership with the State Government.
The annual awards are celebrated as part of WA Seniors Week, which runs from 10-17 November.
The City of Bayswater earned the WA Age Friendly Local Government Award, highlighting a range of successful initiatives that followed the launch of the City's inaugural Age Friendly Strategy in 2017.

Marie Walker, Coordinator Active Ageing and Volunteers (left) and Karen Quigley, Manager Community Development (right)
Congratulations also to the Shire of Manjimup and the City of Greater-Geraldton for being finalists in the Local Government category. 
For more information on the winners, click here
2019 WA Tourism Awards - Congratulations to Local Governments
On Saturday, 9 November the 2019 WA Tourism Awards were announced.
Presented by the Tourism Council of WA, the awards showcased the innovation and commitment to business excellence of the State’s leading tourism operators across 31 categories.

WALGA would like to congratulate the following Local Governments for receiving awards in the category of 'Excellence in Local Government Tourism':

Gold – Experience Perth Hills – City of Kalamunda
Silver – City of Albany
Bronze – Shire of Toodyay
For more information on the 2019 WA Tourism Awards, click here
Online Maps and Guides to Identify Permitted Areas for Off-Road Vehicles 
Trail bike, quad bike and all-terrain vehicle users can now access a series of online maps to see areas where off-road vehicles can be driven around WA.
The online maps and guides were developed in consultation with WALGA and the Recreational Trail Riders Association.

Designed to give off-road vehicles the ability to easily and conveniently check where vehicles can be driven legally, the maps identify all permitted off road vehicle areas around the State.

As well as the maps, three guides have been updated and published for off-road vehicle riders, retailers and Local Governments with information on licencing, registration and details of where to ride.
For more information, click here
Development of ACROD Parking Community Awareness Campaign
National Disability Services' first-ever ACROD Parking Community Awareness campaign has now begun development phase as it launches in April-May 2020.
Funded by the Department of Communities, the campaign will be developed in partnership with permit holders, Local Governments and private property owners.

NDS is looking to partner with interested LGAs who may like to be involved in the campaign in some capacity. Quite a number of Local Governments across WA have already partnered with NDS, however there is still time to sign up and join the campaign. If this is something your organisation may be interested in, please complete the short survey here by Sunday, 1 December.

Some of the key dates planned include:

Briefing Session for marketing/communications personnel and officers involved with access and inclusion
Date:  Tuesday, 18 February 2020
Time:  9:30am to 11:00am

ACROD Parking Campaign Pre-Launch Event for key stakeholders
Date:  Friday, 3 April 2020
Time:  2:00pm to 3:30pm

Jos sits in a power wheelchair next to a modified vehicle, in an ACROD Parking Bay.
For more information email, Project Lead ‑ Community Awareness Strategy, Jocelyn Franciscus
Australian Adventure Activity Standard and Good Practice Guides
Western Australia has endorsed a new national framework and best practice guidelines for the WA outdoor recreation industry.
The Australian Adventure Activity Standard and Good Practice Guides are the result of a four-year project to harmonise existing state adventure activities into a national voluntary framework for good practice, risk and safety management. The framework aims to improve the safety of outdoor recreation activities, while helping to protect an area's environmental and cultural heritage.

The Australian Adventure Activity Standard outlines requirements for operators and businesses in areas such as Planning, Risk Management and Emergency Management Planning. The Good Practice Guides cover 18 activities including angling, bushwalking, camping, caving, cycling and mountain biking, horse riding and kayaking.

Until now, each State had maintained its own set of guidelines for outdoor activities. This new national approach will make it easier for providers of outdoor activities to operate in multiple jurisdictions and improve safety.

The framework was developed with the help of a steering committee which included Outdoors WA, the Outdoor Council of Australia, Queensland's Outdoor Recreation Federation, Recreation SA, Outdoors NSW and Outdoors Victoria, as well as Government agencies representing the ACT, Northern Territory and Tasmania.
For more information or to access the guidelines, click here
'Play It Food Safe' Consumer Awareness Campaign
The Department of Health recently launched the Play it Food Safe consumer awareness campaign, which is being piloted within the City of Busselton and surrounding region over summer.
The campaign calls on people to ‘Play it Food Safe’ and "Clean, Separate, Cook and Chill" when they prepare, handle and store food.

It is estimated that more than 75% of Salmonella cases are the result of poor food hygiene at home. The campaign aims to reduce food poisoning rates by educating people about safe food handling practices in the home and when shopping. Following evaluation, the aim is to implement the campaign State-wide.

Local Governments are encouraged to promote the campaign materials, particularly over the summer period when food poisoning rates increase. The Play it Food Safe campaign package provides an overview of the resources available, which can be download from the campaign page. Brochures and posters can now be ordered from the Department of Health online publication system, under Environmental Health.
For more information, click here.
Participation in 2020 Fruit and Vegetable Survey
The Department of Health is seeking expression of interest from Local Government environmental health officers to participate in the 2020 chemical monitoring survey, which will involve collecting samples from local fruit and vegetable growers who sell fresh produce directly to the public at the farm gate or at farmers markets.
As part of Government and industry efforts to safeguard agriculture produce within Western Australia, the Department of Health coordinates the monitoring of chemical residues in fresh fruit and vegetables as part of various food surveys conducted under the WA Food Monitoring Program. The Department of Health values the long standing support from Local Governments who participate in the monitoring programs.   

The survey will commence in early 2020 and participation can occur throughout the year.
For more information or to register your interest email,
'Your Call' 2020 Competition
The 'Your Call' competition is a partnership between the Western Australian Police Force and the Constable Care Foundation aimed at high school aged students across Western Australia.  
This year the Project will focus on 'Street Safety'. In groups of up to three, students are invited to research and compile a short film, under three minutes in length, to show their view on the importance of personal safety in environments away from the home and/or school.

The aim of 'Your Call' is to encourage young people to be educators among their peers and to deliver messages about key community safety issues such as personal safety, alcohol and drug use, mental health, assault, bullying and family violence.

Registrations will commence in February 2020 with films due in by the end of June 2020.
For more information, click here.
No Tolerance for Domestic Violence in the City of Swan
Hundreds of people gathered for the 'The Midland March That Matters'  to take a stand against domestic violence on Thursday, 21 November.
Members of the local community carried banners led by the WA Police Pipe Band, united in the message that there is no excuse for abuse.

After the march, guest speakers shared their stories and experiences of domestic and family violence including a survivor of domestic violence, Catherine Earnshaw, City of Swan Aboriginal Partnership and Development Officer, John Mogridge and WA Police Midland District Superintendent, Noreen O'Rourke.

Participants in the Midland March That Matters

A Purple Bench, the first in the City of Swan, was also unveiled at Juniper Gardens to commemorate domestic violence victims and survivors. The worldwide Purple Bench movement started in Nova Scotia, Canada in 2015.

Purple park benches honour the memory of those murdered by their partners and raise awareness. The symbolic bench will provide a place of quiet reflection for those who have been impacted by Family and Domestic Violence, as well as being a visual reminder of the prevalence of Family and Domestic Violence in WA.

The purple bench in Juniper Gardens

For more information, click here
Bayswater Working Towards Reconciliation
The City of Bayswater officially launched their first Reconciliation Action Plan, Reflect on Friday, 15 November.
Endorsed by Reconciliation Australia, this will set the direction for the City of Bayswater’s Reconciliation journey and provide a framework to guide the staff and Council towards creating an inclusive and respectful environment in which the cultures of our first peoples are acknowledged, shared and celebrated.

The City is proud of the dedication and hard work that has been put in to this project by the City’s Aboriginal Advisory Committee, members of the community who participated in numerous community engagement activities, Council and staff.

City of Bayswater Mayor, Cr Dan Bull (left) and Vaughn McGuire (right)

Yarloop Town Welcomes New Community Centre with Open Arms
The Yarloop Community Centre was officially opened by Premier, Mark McGowan on Friday, 22 November.
After the devastation of losing the Yarloop Hall in the 2016 fires, the residents identified the need to build a multi-purpose community centre in place of the hall.

The $2.7 million project was funded by the Department of Premier and Cabinet, which contributed $1 million, Lotterywest provided a grant of $750,000 and the Shire of Harvey contributed $800,000.

The Centre will be a place where the people of the town and surrounding areas can come together and participate in a range of activities and functions, and become the new social hub of the town.

Franco Carozzi Architects prepared a concept design for the new community centre and Civilcon Construction, a local firm based in Picton, was awarded the tender to construct the building. Construction started in late 2018 and was completed in September 2019.

Shire of Harvey President, Paul Gillett; Premier, Mark McGowan and MLA Robyn Clarke in front of the building’s plaque

For more information, contact the Shire of Harvey on 9729 0300.
City of Perth Launches Cultural Sharing Program
The sister cities of Perth and San Diego share a strong Aboriginal and First Nations heritage and living culture.
This connection has prompted the City of Perth to propose a new First Nations Cultural Sharing sponsorship program that engages Aboriginal and First Nations communities from both cities.

Through its Sister City relationship with San Diego, the City of Perth has offered the Western Australian Indigenous Tourism Operators Council (WAITOC) the opportunity to host the Kumeyaay Nation, the original Indigenous people of San Diego. They will gain exposure to local Whadjuk Nyoongar artists, storytellers and creative and cultural practitioners, and they will share heritage and further develop opportunities in Aboriginal tourism.

San Diego then have the opportunity to reciprocate the experience for WAITOC, where they will engage in cultural activity and develop their creative practice with the Kumeyaay Nation.
Yanchep Lagoon Wins WA Planning Award 
The community engagement process used to develop the Yanchep Lagoon Master Plan has earned the City of Wanneroo and consultants RobertsDay a WA planning award.
They won the Public Engagement and Community Planning category at the Planning Institute of Australia’s WA Awards for Planning Excellence on Friday, 8 November.

Yanchep is set to become one of Perth’s largest coastal settlements. The impending change had the potential to be extremely confronting for the tight-knit community, who value the area’s natural assets.

The City took an innovative, collaborative community driven approach to engagement that was comprehensive and transparent. It proved to be an exemplar process that has the potential to transform the way planners, stakeholders and communities tackle complex and controversial change.

More than 5000 residents, about 50% of the Yanchep population, participated in some way. Engagement participants, the broader community and Elected Members have shown overwhelming support for the final Master Plan.

The City’s success came after it was also named a finalist of this year’s International City Nation Place Awards, held in London.
For more information, click here
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