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COVID-19: Update for Local Government
30 January 2022

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Updated Proof of Vaccination Directions
Updated Proof of Vaccination Directions have been released which provide specific exemptions to proof of vaccination for community sport and swimming pools. The Directions commence on Monday, 31 January.
The Proof of Vaccination Directions (No 2) include the following changes:
  • A definition of community sport (paragraph 26) is now included which states that community sport is an excluded event (paragraph32(d)), so does not require proof of vaccination
  • Community sport is defined as organised, community-based team or individual amateur sport played or participated in for no valuable remuneration
  • Indoor and outdoor pools are listed as excluded venues (paragaph34(d)), irrespective of whether they are in a place usually covered by the Directions (under Schedule 1)
  • If a venue is being used for community sport, it is an excluded venue, even if usually it would require proof of vaccination (paragraph 34(e))
  • Proof of vaccination is not required for access and egress to the excluded venues (paragraph 34)
  • A new definition of indoor entertainment venue (paragraph 46) meaning any indoor space used for the primary purpose of entertainment which is open to the public but is not listed in Schedule 1, which also require proof of vaccination.
These updates provide more certainty for Local Governments regarding how to treat community sport in their recreation centres and at licenced venues. 

WALGA will continue to seek clarification regarding the application of these Directions to multi-use facilities.
View the updated Directions here.
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