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COVID-19: Update for Local Government
5 May 2022

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Proof of Vaccination – Gyms and sporting centres
WALGA has received queries from a number of Local Government regarding vaccination requirements for staff at gyms and sporting centres.
The Proof of Vaccination Directions (No 6) that came into effect at 12:01am on 29 April 2022:
  • Revoked the Proof of Vaccination Directions (No 5), meaning they no longer apply
  • Now only list a hospital and a residential aged care facility as a specified vaccination venue.
Previously, some Local Government employees were required to be vaccinated under the Proof of Vaccination Directions created under the Emergency Management Act 2005 (WA) as their work premises were defined as a specified vaccination venue.

For example, a specified vaccination venue was defined to mean “a gym, indoor sporting centre, health club or dance studio (including a centre offering yoga, barre, pilates, aerobics, dancing or spin facilities or other fitness class), but not including any outdoor gym, outdoor skate park or playground.”

The new Proof of Vaccination Directions (No 6) have changed the definition of specified vaccination venue and therefore those Local Government employees working at a gym, indoor sporting centre, etc. are no longer required to be vaccinated under those directions.

There have been no changes to the mandatory vaccination directions for employees set out in the public health directions which have been created under the Public Health Act 2016 (WA).  
Notice of Planning Exemptions Updated
The updated Notice of Exemption (Clause 78H), which outlines forms of development exempt from planning approval, was gazetted on 22 April 2022.
The updates respond to changes in Western Australia’s COVID-19 response, as well as Regulatory changes which have replaced previous exemptions contained in the Notice.

Key changes include:
  • Removal of exemptions for certain land uses and relating to car-parking for non-residential development
  • Clarification that exemptions for home businesses apply only during a lockdown
  • Extension of the exemption for agricultural workers accommodation in the Shires of Manjimup and Harvey to all Local Government areas
  • Removal of exemptions relating to consultation, advertisement, applications and/or forms.
View the updated Notice of Exemptions, explanatory guidance and FAQs here.
For further assistance and enquiries about the Notice of Exemption, please contact the Department’s Reform Delivery Team on (08) 6551 8002 or
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