Did you know that rates help make your community a better place to live, work and play? Your Council rates contribute to facilities and services in your Local Government area.


Local Government revenue is allocated to meet the needs of the community, as detailed in your Council’s Strategic Community Plan. The Plan is developed through community consultation, and represents what the local community wants delivered in their area.  

Councils use rates to fund the facilities and services that they deliver to their communities.  Facilities include:
  • roads
  • parks
  • street lights
  • recreation centres
  • libraries
  • nursing posts
  • cemeteries (in some places)
  • airports (in some places).

As well as services like:
  • child care/ playgroups
  • youth programs
  • community nursing
  • business grants and business training
  • community concerts
  • citizenship ceremonies
  • CCTV
  • recyling waste
  • weed management.

Many of these facilities and services are provided free to residents and ratepayers.

Read more about rates in this infographic.