Sharna Sumpton

Sharna Sumpton is currently the Emergency Management Training Consultant with WALGA providing emergency management training for Local Government. Prior to this she was the Senior Manager, Emergency Services for the Australian Red Cross. Before commencing with the Australian Red Cross, Sharna was Acting Director, Community Engagement for the Fire & Emergency Services Authority (FESA) now called Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES). The majority of her seven years with FESA was in the Training and Development area of Emergency Management Services, as the Manager of Training and Development. During this period with FESA her time was spent working with all agencies to develop their roles and responsibilities in emergency management, with a major focus on Local Government.

Sharna has completed a Graduate Certificate in Emergency Management and a Bachelor of Science (Health Promotion) degree. While studying part-time to gain her Bachelor degree she worked for the Australian Government agency, Centrelink.