WALGA Training recognise that our members are located all over the State and we are constantly thinking of better ways that we can serve your training needs. One way we do this is by offering all of our scheduled training courses on-site. This means that we ‘bring the training to you’, saving you time and money.

Why On-Site Training?

Save Time
Whether your Local Government is located in the metropolitan area or out in the regions you can eliminate the need for your Elected Members and Officers to travel to us by hosting your own training. This method is particularly effective when you have a number of participants on the same course.

Save Money
On-site training allows your Local Government to save money on travel costs, accommodation, allowances and loss of productivity. You can also collaborate with other Local Governments to boost numbers and save even more.

On-site training allows for flexibility in your choice of location, course format and choice of date. This allows for training to be scheduled at a time and location that is most convenient to your Elected Members and Officers.

Customise your Training
If your Local Government has something in particular you would like to focus on, ask us about customising one of our quality training courses to suit your needs.