Simone Clarke

Simone’s background is in emergency management and international aid and development. She also has a well-developed understanding of trauma, grief and loss amongst adults, children and people from multicultural and various ethnic backgrounds.

Having worked in the emergency management industry for several years, Simone has knowledge and experience in emergency planning, preparedness, response and recovery. She has been involved in working with relevant agencies and communities throughout Western Australia to prepare for and respond to emergencies, and has recruited and trained hundreds of personnel as well as worked on a number of emergency management projects that have contributed to the development of the industry in Western Australia.

With field experience in developing countries, Simone has gained experience in developing and delivering training packages to adults from various multicultural and ethnic backgrounds, working extensively through translators. This includes the establishment of a community based disaster preparedness project in southern China, training villages at a grassroots level in Nepal and working directly with individuals and communities in recovery in East Timor.