Do you require Elected Member training but don’t know where to start? Look no further than WALGA’s Elected Member eLearning Essentials; the first two courses of the Elected Member Essentials. These two eLearning-only courses provide fundamental Local Government knowledge essential for any new Elected Member to learn and for any existing Elected Member to revise.

Please note: Understanding Local Government is a required prerequisite to Serving on Council.

Included courses:

  1. Understanding Local Government
  2. Conflicts of Interest

How it works

This package is available in many different formats to meet the varying needs of our Members, including:

  • Enrolment in the WALGA LMS (standard delivery)
  • Access via your Local Government’s own LMS (via SCORM 1.2)
  • Access via USB (for those with an unreliable internet connection)

The differences between these options are fully explained in the registration form accessible below.


An annual subscription will entitle your Elected Members, both new and existing, full access to both Understanding Local Government and Conflicts of Interest.

The cost of this package is linked to the SAT Band that your Local Government sits in will dictate how much the package will cost.

  • SAT Band 4 - $1,200 (GST exempt)
  • SAT Band 3 - $2,000 (GST exempt)
  • SAT Band 2 - $3,000 (GST exempt)
  • SAT Band 1 - $3,500 (GST exempt)

Not sure which SAT Band your Local Government has been allocated? Visit the Salaries and Allowances Tribunal website for the latest determinations, or contact us.