Conflicts of Interest (eLearning)


Conflicts of Interest is an online course designed to provide Elected Members with an understanding of financial, indirect-financial, proximity and impartiality interest; disclosure of interests at meetings; and the association between gifts and conflicts of interests.

This course provides an overview of the statutory environment relating to declarations of interest and clarifies, through case studies, the personal responsibilities of Elected Members to comply with their obligations

Target Audience

Suitable for both newly elected and returning Elected Members who would like to increase their knowledge and understanding of personal responsibilities associated with the requirement to disclose certain interests.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of completing this program, participants should be able to:

  • distinguish and differentiate between various conflicts of interest;
  • describe how a conflict of interest affects an Elected Member’s roles and responsibilities;
  • understand and refer to the legislative environment for conflicts of interest; and
  • effectively participate as an Elected Member with a reduced risk of non-compliance with conflict of interest provisions.


Self-paced (approx. 3 hours online).


Enrol anytime (3 months to complete upon date of enrolment).

Course Fees

$195.00 (GST exempt)
Unlimited participants via an eLearning Subscription. Contact us for a quote.

Relationship to Competency Standard

  • LGAGENE501A - Undertake councillor roles and responsibilities


Nationally Accredited Training Part of the Diploma of Local Government (Elected Member) eLearning Course Elected Member Training