Our Services

Procurement Toolkit

WALGA’s Procurement Toolkit is the culmination of extensive research and development. The Toolkit brings together best practice in procurement from government, private and not-for-profit sectors. It provides clear guidance on legislative requirements and best practice for all purchasing and contract management. More than forty (40) templates covering the entire end-to-end procurement process aim to assist Members to achieve governance over their procurement practices and full regulatory compliance.

Customised Workshops

We regularly design and deliver customised in-house procurement workshops to assist procurement improvement activities, including policy workshops, compliance training, and specific topics such as tendering, eQuotes, reporting, and evaluation as well as general procurement awareness sessions. This complements the formal training area’s procurement focus.

Procurement Documentation Reviews

This entails a desktop review of a Member's policies, procedures and documentation across the procurement lifecycle. Reviews test compliance against Local Government legislation and can make recommendations for better practice.

Contract Management

Contract Management is probably the most important component of getting the best out of a contract. There are many critical components to contract management. The Procurement Services Team can help members to put in place the best process for them.

Accessing the Service

Email us at procurementservices@walga.asn.au or call (08) 9213 2514 to outline which service you would like to access.

Prior to commencing, our Procurement Services team will work with you to understand customer requirements and to prepare a proposal for engagement. Each proposal will include the scope of work to be undertaken and an agreed project framework and timeline. To obtain best value and ensure the most efficient use of the Service, it is recommended that the scope of a procurement process and the description of goods/services required are well defined prior to WALGA’s engagement.

WALGA's procurement professionals can assist with the development of specifications. As we recognise technical expertise is often needed for the development of specifications, the Service can contract relevant technical expertise to develop technical specifications if required. Our Procurement Service is customised and scaled for each assignment in conjunction with your team and procurement processes to ensure delivery of a high-quality, transparent and fully compliant procurement process.