The LGmap tool is a sector specific portal, with applications to a broad range of Local Government activities such as the assessment of development applications, preparing documentation to support regulatory requirements for infrastructure projects or asset management.   

The key benefits of using LGmap include significantly increased time efficiency in meeting regulatory requirements through:   
  • the ability to quickly generate desktop assessment reports for native vegetation clearing permit applications for road and other infrastructure projects
  • the ability to quickly undertake desktop assessments for any site or area of interest to inform land use planning, infrastructure and environmental planning
  • the ability to undertake desktop assessments required for licencing of 'prescribed premises', consistent with Guidance Statement: Environmental Siting
  • access to bushfire risk assessment tools and mapping to support bushfire risk management plans
  • access to mapping tools to inform project planning, natural area mapping and management monitoring, and
  • visualisation of a wide range of regularly updated data, relevant to Local Government operations by staff across Local Government (via single subscription) reducing waiting times and need for repeated data downloads.

To see some of the key features watch this short introductory video clip:

Keeping up with LGmap Extensions

Local Governments subscribing to the service can keep informed about LGmap updates via the LGmap Users Group - sign up  here. For best performance, it is recommended that Firefox or Chrome browsers are used to access the platform.

Accessing LGmap

There are two options for accessing LGmap. Use of LGmap is subject to specific conditions.

1.  LGmap DESKTOP application provides access to over 300 datasets, reporting and drawing functions. Subscriptions are required to gain access - current subscribers can download the new desktop application using the instructions below:  

2.  LGmap WEB VERSION allows data viewing and reporting on selectable layers. The web version does not include any of the data creation functions (annotations) but is useful when needing to quickly check information during site visits or without the need to download the desktop application.

To access the web version of LGmap, use the

LGmap Support

Free to LGmap subscribers, delivered online or arranged in-house.  Tailored training sessions for Local Government staff can be arranged by contacting Business Development Officer (LGmap), Renata Zelinova on 9213 2521 (Tuesdays to Thursdays).